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Even though the population is increasingly sparse, there are still 2-stroke motorbike users. 2-stroke motorbikes now tend to be used as hobby vehicles, and are rarely used daily. This is because 2-stroke motorbikes consume more fuel and cost more to use. Apart from the cost of buying fuel, 2-stroke motorbikes also need additional oil when used. So, we need to buy fuel and oil, which are not cheap.

So why do 2-stroke motorbikes need additional engine oil? Before discussing further, let's first discuss the two types of oil used in 2-stroke engines. 2-stroke engines require gearbox oil and engine oil . This gearbox oil aims to lubricate the clutch area and transmission gears only. Gearbox oil is more often referred to as engine oil, in 2-stroke engines. Gearbox oil on 2-stroke engines, uses 4-stroke engine oil or 4T engine oil.

Meanwhile, engine oil in a 2-stroke engine aims to lubricate vital components, namely the piston, cylinder walls and crankshaft . The official name of this oil is 2-stroke engine oil . However, in Indonesia it is more popularly known as side oil. Why is that? Because usually, the engine oil tube for a 2-stroke motorbike is located on the side of the motorbike. This side oil also burns with the fuel. The volume will continue to decrease, and we have to refill the side oil periodically.

The basic difference between 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines is the working stroke and fuel intake system. In a 4-stroke engine, the air and fuel mixture enters through the inlet valve into the combustion chamber. The combustion chamber and crankcase area of ​​a 4-stroke motorbike are perfectly sealed by the piston ring and cylinder wall. So that the oil that lubricates the piston area and cylinder walls does not enter the combustion chamber and burn.

In a 2-stroke engine, the air and fuel mixture enters through a hole ( port ) in the cylinder wall. There are no in and out valves on a 2-stroke engine. The mixture of air and fuel is then compressed by the piston and burned by the spark plug. Because the cylinder wall has holes, it makes the combustion chamber area and the crankcase of a 2-stroke motorbike come together.


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