1 Liter of Gasoline How Many Kilometers Can a Car Travel?

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Erome - Maybe many of you are asking, how many kilometers can a car go for 1 liter of petrol? In fact, there are standard rules regarding this, especially for low cost green car (LCGC) models, namely 20 km/liter.

LCGC car fuel consumption is regulated in Minister of Industry Regulation No. 33/M-IND/PER/7/2013 concerning Development of Production of Four-Wheeled Motorized Vehicles that are Energy Efficient and Affordable. This economical figure needs to be realized, because it is related to incentives provided by the government so that the price of LCGC cars is cheaper.

"The provisions are set for spark-ignition motorbikes with a cylinder capacity of 980-1200 cc with a fuel oil (BBM) consumption of at least 20 km/liter," as quoted from the official release from the Ministry of Industry.

It's just that this applies specifically to LCGC, what about other cars? Until now there are no official regulations or numbers that regulate it. So the answer of course depends. Many factors influence it, from engine capacity, driving style, to road conditions. Even the type of fuel also has an effect, for example using Pertalite (Octane 90) or Pertamax (Octane 92) the results will definitely be different.

However, there is still such a thing as average fuel consumption. This is intended to determine whether a car is fuel efficient or not .

Now, in modern cars, finding out how many kilometers per liter of petrol means is quite easy. You don't need to bother calculating it manually, because it is recorded on the MID (multi information display) screen, and you can see the average fuel consumption directly. Usually the MID is written in units of Km/liter or liters/100 Km.

Meanwhile, in cars whose MID is not yet complete, you cannot easily find out the average fuel consumption. Like it or not, you have to do manual calculations using the full to full method.

This means that the measurement method starts when the car's petrol is full (full tank). Then invited to drive over 100 km. Then fill the petrol again until it is full, then you will get the amount of fuel used. From there you can find the average fuel consumption.

How to Calculate Car Fuel Consumption, Full to Full Method

Confirmed on the official Hyundai Indonesia website, the full to full method referred to is starting by filling a full tank of fuel. Then record the number on the odometer, for example 2,000 km and give it the symbol A. Then you just need to use the vehicle for your daily activities as usual.

After driving 60-100 km, fill your car with fuel again until it is full and note down how many liters of fuel are filled in the car tank. For example, 30 liters and give it the symbol F.

Also note down how many kilometers on the car's odometer or mileage indicator after the second fuel was filled. For example, it says 2,300 Km and has the symbol B.

If you are confused, here is the formula for calculating the amount of fuel consumption:
A = 2,000KM (Initial Kilometers)
B = 2,300KM (Final Kilometers)
F = 30 Liters

The formula is:
(B – A) / F = KM/Liter Results
(2300 – 2000) / 30 = 10 KM/Liter

From the sum above, it can be concluded how many kilometers are 1 liter of petrol? The answer is 10 km/liter. Interesting right? Please try it to find out whether your car is economical or not.

Fuel Consumption Based on Engine Capacity

So, again, this economical figure is not standard. How many kilometers a car can drive from 1 liter of petrol actually varies depending on the engine capacity. For example, the fuel consumption of a car with a capacity of 1,500 cc will of course be different from one with a capacity of 2,000 cc. Different results can also be obtained for the 1,500 cc turbo engine.

To represent a car with an engine capacity of 1,500 cc, we can use the Toyota Avanza. Moladin once tested his own fuel consumption on urban routes, managing to reach 10.5 km/liter, in other words, an Avanza with 1 liter of petrol can go as far as 10.5 km. Meanwhile, on the toll road, the Avanza's fuel consumption is recorded at around 14.8 km/liter or 1 liter of gasoline can make you drive with the Avanza as far as 14.8 km/liter.

Then a 1,500 cc car with a turbo, using the Wuling Cortez CT as an example. From our test results, how many kilometers is 1 liter of petrol for an MPV from China that uses a CVT transmission? It turns out the result is 10.6 km/liter.

Regarding the example of a car with a 2,000 cc engine, you can use the Toyota Innova. So, roughly on a Toyota Innova, how many kilometers is 1 liter of petrol? If you refer to the Moladin test results. Fuel consumption: The petrol Innova, which relies on a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine, produces fuel consumption of 11.6 km/liter. This test was carried out on a Toyota Kijang Innova with a manual transmission.

Hybrid Car Fuel Consumption Is More Economical?

Well, hybrid engines are definitely even more economical. The reason is that this car does not completely use gasoline, but also has an additional battery power source to drive the engine.

Let's take the example of the Toyota manufacturer, namely the Camry. Toyota Indonesia introduced the Camry in several types, namely 2,500 cc full petrol and 2,500 cc hybrid.

One of the differences between the regular Toyota Camry and the hybrid lies in its fuel consumption. According to the Tunas Toyota dealer's claim, citing media test results, the Camry Hybrid's average fuel consumption was recorded at 24 km/liter.

Meanwhile, the petrol version of the Camry can only record an average fuel consumption of 9.8 km/liter for city use. Meanwhile, the average Camry fuel consumption outside the city is around 12 km/liter.

Why is the Camry Hybrid more economical? This is due to the support of the electric motor technology embedded in it. The dynamo will work alternately with petrol to further reduce fuel consumption so it is much more economical.

"When a dynamo works, energy is often stored without being wasted. "If explained, the way this hybrid system works is through the remaining kinetic energy during deceleration which is converted into electrical power, then this power is stored in the battery," as quoted from the official Tunas Toyota website. Then, electrical energy in hybrid cars is also used at low speeds and initial acceleration to save more fuel. When compared with the average consumption of sedans or other MPV cars with a capacity of 1,500 cc, the Toyota Camry Hybrid is even more fuel efficient. Moreover, it is calculated for daily use.

Pertamax makes cars more economical than Pertalite

We have also tested how many kilometers 1 liter of Pertamax is compared to Pertalite. This is a test of the same car but with different fuel. For the car, use a Hyundai Stargazer with a 1,500 cc engine. 

The test method is using two Hyundai Stargazer units. Then, we drained the car's tank first, the Hyundai Stargazer first. After that, the car was filled with different gasoline, one Pertalite and the other Pertamax. 10 liters each. Then the car is driven using ECO mode and the coolness of the AC is set to the lowest level. The car's tire pressure is also reset, so that it follows the manufacturer's standards. Then the maximum speed we use is under 90 km/hour with an engine speed of under 2,000 rpm.

The result is that the Hyundai Stargazer filled with Pertamax (RON 92) can drive up to 168.7 km until the petrol runs out or the car stops. In other words, the question is that 1 liter of Pertamax can make the car go 16.8 km. Meanwhile, the Stargazer filled with Pertalite (RON 90), can only go 167.4 km. So 1 liter of Pertalite can make the Stragazer go 16.7 km. This means that using Pertamax gasoline has succeeded in making Stargazer more economical than when using Pertalite.

In fact, the average fuel consumption of a car is not an absolute benchmark for whether a car is wasteful or economical. It all depends on engine capacity, technology, driving style, road conditions, etc.

Take for example, when you test how many kilometers 1 liter of petrol costs, the road you travel through is always congested. Of course, the results of fuel consumption can be very wasteful. Likewise, when testing, you often step on the gas pedal deeply. It can also make fuel consumption wasteful. To get economical fuel consumption, you need to apply ECO Driving methods. This is the related review answering the review of 1 liter of petrol how many kilometers. Keep watching Moladin.com to get the latest information about automotive.



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