Best Electric Motorcycle Prices from USA 2022

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Erome - In the midst of rising fuel prices like now, electric motorbikes have emerged as an alternative solution. Electric motorbikes are known to be more fuel efficient, have a smoother sound and are easy to maintain.

The United States is a country that has many electric motorbike manufacturers. Generally, electric motorbikes in the USA are shaped like sports motorbikes, so it is not surprising that many people call electric motorbikes in the USA as electric sports motorbikes .

In this article, Mintips will display a price list for several electric motorbikes from the USA. The list can be seen below!

1. Super Soco TC (USD 5.250)

This electric motorbike has good performance and a vintage appearance . The Super Soco TC is capable of traveling at a maximum speed of 75 mph, and has a battery with a capacity of 45 Ah (2.7 KWh). The features are varied, from LED lights to anti-thief alarms.

2. Pursang E-Tracker (USD 9.425)

If you want an electric motorbike with a modern appearance, the Pursang E-Tracker could be an option. This motorbike can travel up to 87 miles. The charging time for this motorbike battery is quite long, namely 6 hours. Even though it's long, the battery life of this electric motorbike is relatively long.

In operating this motorbike, Titipers can use a special application called Bosch. This application can enable Titipers to use this electric motorbike via cellphone.

3. Livewire Del Mars S2 (USD 15.000)

Livewire is one of the companies that is intensively producing electric sports motorbikes in the USA. Most recently, this company released the second model of Livewire Del Mars, Livewire Del Mars S2. This model measures around 440 pounds. The range of the motorbike is quite long, reaching 110 miles. 

This motorbike has an Arrow EV design that combines battery, electricity and motor. The construction of the motorbike is simple and easy for anyone to use.

4. Zero SR/F (USD 20,095)

This electric motorbike is considered modern both in terms of design and features. Some of the features on this motorbike are LED lighting, ride mode, and connectivity features to cellphones.

In terms of speed and range, the Zero SR/F can cover a maximum distance of 156 miles with a maximum speed of 124 mph. This capacity cannot be separated from the combination of motor and battery in this electric motorbike product.

5. Tarform Luna (USD 24.000)

Tarform Luna is an environmentally friendly electric motorbike because it is made from various recycled materials. For example, pineapple leaf fiber and recycled aluminum. This electric motorbike can cover a maximum distance of up to 120 miles.

The features are also sophisticated, for example: a circular digital instrument cluster equipped with an HD screen, all-LED motorbike lighting, 180 degree rearview camera, three selectable driving modes, as well as a feature that allows this electric motorbike to connect to a cellphone via Bluetooth .

6. Energica Ego+ (USD 25.310)

If Titipers are sports motorbike users who are using an electric motorbike for the first time, the Energica Ego+ could be an option. The performance of this electric motorbike is the same as a regular sports motorbike . However, the Energica Ego+ has a greater range, namely 261 miles. The body of this electric motorbike is made from quality materials and has often been used in the MotoE world championship.

7. Damon Hyperfighter (USD 35.000)

This electric motorbike brand dominates with a striking yellow color. The striking design of this motorbike is in line with the performance of the motorbike. The Damon Hyperfighter has a peak power of 200 horsepower with a maximum speed of 170 mph, and a maximum range of 146 miles.

This electric motorbike has Shift technology in it. This technology can allow the rider to adjust the position of the handlebars and footrests on this motorbike according to the rider's comfort. There is also a 360 degree camera that can photograph other vehicles that could endanger drivers.

8. Lightning LS-218 (USD 46.888)

As the name suggests, this electric motorbike has a maximum speed of 218 mph and makes this electric motorbike one of the fastest. The motorbike battery itself has a capacity of 12 kWh. The body part is equipped with quality materials.

9. Curtiss One (USD 81.000)

Inspired by the name Glenn Curtiss, this electric motorbike has an attractive retro design. Aluminum and carbon fiber features dominate this electric motorbike. This gives Curtiss large torque and power, namely 120 horsepower and 272 Nm.

10. Arc Vector (USD 117.000)

The Arc Vector is the most expensive electric motorbike on this list. As the most expensive electric motorbike, the Arc Vector has a range of up to 270 miles and makes the Arc Vector the electric motorbike with the longest range. The speed is also quite high, namely 124 mph. To charge this electric motorbike, Titipers can do it in approximately 40 minutes.

The unique monocoque chassis , Ohlins TTX mono shock , and Brembo Stylema brakes are the materials that Titipers can find on the body of this electric motorbike.

Where Should Titipers Buy Electric Motorbikes from the USA?

When you want to buy an electric motorbike from the USA, Titipers may be confused about which is the right place to do it. Don't be confused, because now Titipers can do it via the Titipbeliin site.


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