Oli Kendall made in the United States is present in Indonesia

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Erome - Director of International Sales Lubricants Phillips 66, Julie Thompson said that cooperation with KAS is very important for Phillips 66  to start selling high quality lubricant products in Indonesia. As a country with consistent  economic growth  in the world in the last 10 years, Indonesia has a very attractive lubricant market potential.

"The positive business climate in  Indonesia  creates excellent growth potential, for premium products like Kendall that are manufactured in America," said Julie, in a press release received by ANTARA News on Thursday.

Phillips 66 Lubricants is one of the largest lubricant manufacturers in the United States and has a long track record in the global lubricant industry. Philips 66 lubricant products serve the needs of various industrial sectors such as automotive, agriculture, aviation, mining, power generation and construction. Currently the Kendall brand has been used by millions of consumers in more than 50 countries around the world.

Julie explained that the company currently produces and markets four main brands, namely Phillips 66, Conoco, 76 and Kendall. The company, which is partially owned by Warren Buffett, is the third largest supplier of finished lubricants in America and ranks seventh on the Fortune 500 list.

"All Kendall Oil products are manufactured and tested for quality in America. The quality is equivalent and capable of providing the best performance for vehicle engines that you will ever experience in Indonesia," he explained. 

PT Kendali Andalan Sempurna (KAS) Head of Sales and Marketing Christopher Tan stated that the collaboration with Phillips 66 Lubricant is an important momentum for the company to optimize the lubricant market in Indonesia which continues to increase.

'KAS is proud to partner with a world-class supplier such as Phillips 66 Lubricants, which has a global reputation for producing  products with  cutting-edge technology. We believe that this business partnership will benefit both parties, and raise the  quality standards of lubricant products that will benefit consumers ," he said.

In Indonesia, KAS will introduce Kendall products for vehicles that use BBM and diesel engines, as well as automatic transmission fluids (ATF) - automatic transmission fluids and limited slip gear lubricants. 

Christopher added ,  Kendall products have character and superiority through the use of Liquid Titanium technology with Protection Additive. The technology is able to improve engine protection by forming a layer of titanium that is closely intertwined on the surface of important engine parts ,  which is able to reduce friction and wear and extend the life of the engine, reducing friction can also increase fuel economy.

"Consumers in Indonesia will  increasingly  understand the need for quality products and their benefits. Therefore, we are optimistic that Kendall's products will be able to meet these expectations and needs. And most importantly, Kendall's products are now available for the automotive market in Indonesia," concluded Christopher.



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