5 Best and Legendary 2-Stroke Motorbikes in Indonesia

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The ban on the use of 2-stroke motorbikes on urban roads has officially been issued by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Shortly after the ban was issued, cyberspace became excited again. The reason is that this prohibition strictly allows the use of 2-stroke motorbikes on rural roads. This is related to the existence of regulations related to pollution which require that motorbikes now have environmentally friendly exhaust emissions.

The government's express issuance of this prohibition is certainly not without reason. One of the main reasons is that the exhaust gas emitted by 2-stroke motorbikes is very large and does not meet environmentally friendly requirements. So immediately many people may feel surprised by the issuance of a circular regarding the prohibition of 2-stroke motorbikes on urban roads.

This also means that many legendary motorbikes, such as the RX King or Kawasaki Ninja 150 Super KIPS, can no longer roam around the streets as they please. If you look at everything on motorbike 2, it cannot be said that the performance offered is very tempting. So, talking about the best 2-stroke motorbikes in Indonesia, here are 5 legendary 2-stroke motorbikes that will definitely disappear from urban streets.

1. Honda NSR 150

If currently Honda is better known and loved by the public because of the automatic motorbikes and sport motorbikes they have, in the past Honda was also known as one of the motorbike manufacturers capable of producing the best 2-stroke motorbikes. One of the best products is the Honda NSR 150.

In fact, not only did it offer a motorbike with a neat design for its time, the Honda NSR 150 also offered a variety of features that could be said to have not been available on other motorbikes in the 1990s, so it is not surprising that this motorbike was selling very well on the market at that time.

Imported directly from Thailand, this best 2-stroke motorbike has a very expensive price. Moreover, not only prioritizing appearance design and features, Honda has also embedded electronic technology in this motorbike.

Apart from that, there is also an RC Valve component that Honda includes on this motorbike which is controlled via CDI. Especially for the highest model, you can find the Honda NST 150 SP which comes with a single arm . Cool isn't it?

2. Kawasaki Ninja 150 Super KIPS

Next there is the Kawasaki Ninja 150 Super KIPS motorbike, this motorbike is one of the best and best-selling 2-stroke motorbikes which was once the choice of many people. The KIPS here stands for Kawasaki Integrated Power Valve System. Which is a feature of the exhaust gas system that utilizes opening and closing valves with the aim of minimizing exhaust gas coming out.

With this technology, it is not surprising that the performance of this best-selling 2-stroke motorbike is so great. This is recorded by achieving engine speeds above 7.00 rpm, this motorbike is able to offer greater power and is fuel efficient. As a reminder, previously this motorbike was available in two variants, namely the Kawasaki Ninja RR and Kawasaki Nnja 150R.

3. Yamaha RX King

Currently, who doesn't know the Yamaha RX King? One of the best 2-stroke motorbikes released by the Yamaha automotive manufacturer, it was first marketed in the 1980s and reached very high popularity until it was finally euthanized in 2008. Even though it has been euthanized, currently there are still plenty of Yamaha RX Kings available for us to own, but of course they are in used condition.

The main reason why this motorbike was euthanized was because of EURO-3 regulations which require exhaust gas emissions to be environmentally friendly. Meanwhile, we know that the Yamaha RX King emits a lot of exhaust emissions. As the name suggests, this motorbike is equipped with a 2-stroke engine with a capacity of 132 cc using a Mikuni carburetor measuring 26 mm and having a diameter of 30 mm.

4. Suzuki Satria 120

Another well-known brand that also has a legendary 2-stroke motorbike is Suzuki. One of the best products it has is the Suzuki Satria 120 or often referred to as the Satria Hiu. Why are you confused with sharks? Yes, because the middle deck it carries has a shape that resembles shark gills, as a result many people call it the Satria Hiu.

The best result from the production of the Satria 120 motorbike was that it was able to become a tough competitor to the Yamaha F1Z-R in the national road race event at that time. It's just that the engine supply is too heavy, so it has to be bored down to 110cc or increased to 125cc. That's because the engine capacity he carries is too heavy.

5. Yamaha F1Z-R

Apart from having the Yamaha RX King, this large and well-known vendor also has a legendary 2-stroke motorbike called the Yamaha F1Z-R. This motorbike can be said to be one of Yamaha's all-time products. It is not surprising that this motorbike is one of the motorbikes that can be said to be an idol motorbike for everyone at that time.

Coming with a luxurious design appearance, this motorbike is also based on a 2-stroke 1 cylinder engine with a capacity of 110cc. However, it is a shame that this motorbike had to be euthanized in the mid-2000s because it did not yet have good EURO-3 emission standards.

With this Yamaha 2-stroke motorbike no longer being produced, the current owners are trying to keep it in healthy and prime condition.


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