Choose a clutch or automatic motorbike? Pay Attention to This!

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Motorbikes are still the favorite form of transportation for the majority of Indonesians. The proof is that motorbike sales figures in the country are very high. The Indonesian Motorcycle Association (AISI) recorded motorbike sales in 2018 reaching 6.3 million units. Clutch motorbikes and automatic motorbikes are the favorite types of motorbikes of Indonesian people.

When faced with these two motorbike choices, which type of motorbike will Moladiners take home? Don't rush to answer this question.

In choosing the type of motorbike , Moladiners need to make careful considerations. Make sure to know the pluses and minuses of each type of motorbike. Next, adjust the advantages and disadvantages of each type of motorbike to your needs.

Difference between clutch and automatic motorbikes

Before going any further, Moladiners need to know the basic differences between clutch motorbikes and automatic motorbikes. Clutch motorbikes are usually found on racing motorbikes which offer the ability to travel at high speeds.

Meanwhile, automatic motorbikes provide ease of use. Automatic motorbikes can move nimbly in traffic jams. These two types of motorbikes have very striking differences, including:

1. Body design

The body design of an automatic motorbike is more minimalist

The body design between the automatic motorbike and the clutch motorbike looks very striking. Automatic motorbikes often come with a small and light design, which makes them often the main choice for women. Meanwhile, clutch motorbikes often come with large and heavy body designs. Men prefer clutch motorbikes because they can convey a macho impression.

2. Fuel tank

3. Transmission system

Both have very different transmission systems. On clutch motorbikes, Moladiners will find the clutch lever on the left handlebar.

Every transmission shift must be accompanied by the use of the clutch lever. The presence of a clutch lever provides flexibility in smoothly shifting the transmission, reducing or increasing engine power.

Moladiners will not find a transmission system like that when riding an automatic motorbike. When using an automatic motorbike, the transmission is changed automatically, using technology called Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

Therefore, when riding an automatic motorbike, Moladiners' hands and feet can move freely. Just need to pay attention to the brakes on both sides of the handlebar.

This automatic transmission system is what makes many people like automatic motorbikes. When using this type of motorbike through congested areas, Moladiners don't need to bother using the clutch or gear lever.

4. Braking system

The automatic braking system is more fragile

Both also have different braking systems, Moladiners. Both types of motorbikes are equipped with a manual brake system. However, Moladiners can find additional benefits by using the engine brake.

5. Fuel consumption

Moladiners can find the next difference in the level of fuel consumption. Of these two types of motorbikes, clutch motorbikes tend to be more wasteful than automatic motorbikes.

6. Level of care

In terms of maintenance, automatic motorbikes and clutch motorbikes also have very contrasting differences. Clutch motorbikes tend to have a higher level of resistance than automatic motorbikes. However, for certain types, the price of spare parts can be much more expensive.

Meanwhile, automatic motorbikes have a level of difficulty in detecting damage. Moreover, the engine on an automatic motorbike is designed in a closed condition. Apart from that, automatic motorbikes also have a relatively shorter spare parts durability compared to clutch motorbikes.

By paying attention to the differences between the two motorbikes, Moladiners can determine the choice of motorbike that suits their needs. Regarding the choice of brand, there are many options to be found.


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