Fastest Motorcycle, Dodge Tomahawk, Banned from Roads in America

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Dodge Tomahawk v10 Superbike, this motorbike shocked the automotive world. How could it not be, the motorbike specifications for this Dodge could be said to be crazy. In fact, this motorbike is prohibited from being ridden in the United States.

Imagine, this motorbike adopts the DodgeViper car engine, namely the V10 Superbike Bosster with a cylinder capacity of 8.3 liters which can produce 500 horsepower.

Don't be surprised if the maximum speed of this motorbike can reach 675 km/hour, almost the same as the speed of a super car and reaches 0-60 Mph in just 2.6 seconds. Because of this, this motorbike is often called the fastest motorbike in the world.

Does anyone know how much it costs? Wow, when we talk about price, you definitely understand how expensive it is. This Dodge Tomahawk v10 Superbike is priced at 55 thousand dollars or around Rp. 7.2 billion.

So, because it was too fast, this road monster was not allowed to be driven on public roads in the United States. Not only because of that, the sound of the exhaust being too loud and the body being quite large are also factors in why this motorbike is prohibited from being ridden   in the United States.


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