How many times do you change automatic motorbike oil every month? This is the Right Time

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Erome – A question that often arises among automatic motorbike users is, "How often do you change the oil on your automatic motorbike every month?" Carefully understanding the correct interval for changing automatic motorbike oil is one of the keys to maintaining excellent performance and long life of the vehicle engine. In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at how often you should change your automatic motorbike's oil, why it's important, and the factors that influence this decision. Let's look further.

The Importance of Changing Automatic Motorcycle Oil

Oil in automatic motorbikes has a crucial role in maintaining engine health. This is because oil functions as the main lubricant, reducing friction and heat produced by moving engine components. Oil also helps cool the engine, keeps the engine clean from dirt deposits, and protects against corrosion. Therefore, timely oil changes are an important step in maintaining engine performance and ensuring automatic motorbikes operate well.

The importance of changing oil is also closely related to the risks that may be faced if you neglect oil maintenance. Old and contaminated oil is no longer able to provide optimal lubrication, and this can result in excessive friction, wear of engine components, and even serious damage. Therefore, a good understanding of oil change intervals is very important.

Factors Affecting Oil Change Intervals

Before answering your question regarding, how often do you change automatic motorbike oil every month? We recommend that you first find out what factors influence the oil change interval for automatic motorbikes. The factors are as follows.

  • Frequency of Using an Automatic Motorcycle : The number of kilometers traveled and the frequency of using an automatic motorbike greatly influences the oil change interval. If you use an automatic motorbike every day or take long trips regularly, you may need to change the oil more often than if you use it infrequently.
  • Quality of Oil Used : Oil quality is an important factor. Low-quality oil tends to oxidize more quickly and become contaminated with engine dirt. Using good quality oil is an important step to maintaining engine health.
  • Travel Conditions : Using an automatic motorbike in difficult travel conditions, such as in heavy traffic or extreme weather conditions, can speed up oil consumption. These conditions force the engine to work harder and produce extra heat.
  • Manufacturer's Recommendations and Owner's Manuals : Vehicle manufacturers' manuals and owner's manuals usually provide detailed information regarding recommended oil change intervals. It is recommended to always follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

Signs of the Right Time to Change the Oil

Identifying the right time to change the oil is key to maintaining the health of an automatic motorbike engine. Some signs that indicate it's time to change the oil include:

  • Oil Color and Clarity : Good oil has a clear color and clarity. If you see a change in color to dull or dark, it may be a sign that the oil is not optimal.
  • Increased Oil Consumption : If you find that your automatic motorbike consumes more oil than usual, this could indicate that the oil needs to be replaced.
  • Unusual Engine Noises : Unusual engine sounds, such as hissing, noise, or harsh sounds, can indicate that the oil is no longer efficient in lubricating the engine.
  • Decreased Automatic Motor Performance : If you feel the vehicle is getting slower, less responsive, or losing power, this could be caused by oil that is too old.

How many times do you change automatic motorbike oil every month?

Based on the factors above, it is best to change automatic motorbike oil every 2,000 km – 3,000 km or once every 2 months . However, the oil change interval can vary, ranging from 2,000-4,000 kilometers or 2-4 months , depending on the conditions of use of the automatic motorbike. It is also important to always refer to the guidelines provided in the motorbike owner's manual to determine the most appropriate oil change interval.

Steps for Changing Automatic Motorcycle Oil

After knowing the right time to change your automatic motorbike oil, you can decide whether to change it yourself or hand over the process of changing your automatic motorbike oil to the nearest repair shop. For those who want to try it for themselves, please follow each of the steps below.

  1. Preparation : Make sure the automatic motorbike is in a safe and stable condition before starting the oil change process. Park the vehicle on level ground and make sure the engine is off.
  2. Identify Oil Drain PointsLook for the oil drain plug which is usually located at the bottom of the automatic motorbike engine.
  3. Drain the Old Oil : Remove the oil drain plug and allow the old oil to drain into a suitable container. Make sure you have a container large enough to hold all the old oil.
  4. Replace the Oil Filter : Once the old oil has been drained, replace the oil filter with a new one. This is an important step to maintain the quality of the new oil that will be added.
  5. Add New Oil : Add new oil according to the manufacturer's recommendations or owner's manual. Make sure it does not exceed or fall below the recommended oil capacity.
  6. Check Oil Level : After adding new oil, check the oil level with an oil dipstick. Make sure the oil level is at the right point.
  7. Close the Oil Drain Plug : Reinstall the oil drain plug carefully and ensure there are no leaks.
  8. Dispose of Used Oil Properly : It is important to dispose of used oil according to local regulations. Used oil is hazardous waste and should not be thrown away carelessly.
  9. Note the Oil Change : Lastly, don't forget to record the date and number of kilometers when changing the oil. This will help keep up with your next oil change schedule.

Tips for Choosing the Right Oil for Automatic Motorcycles

Choosing the right oil is a crucial step in maintaining the health of an automatic motorbike. The right oil will provide maximum protection to the engine and increase fuel efficiency. For this reason, we recommend following the following tips to choose the right oil for automatic motorbikes.

  • Suitable Oil Type
Vehicle manufacturers usually recommend certain types of oil for their automatic motorbikes. Make sure to use the type of oil that matches the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Trusted Oil Brands
Not all oil brands are the same. Several oil brands have been proven to be quality and reliable. Some well-known brands for automatic motor oil include Castrol, Shell, Mobil 1, and others.

As a reference for the best automatic motorbike oil prices, you can read the article below.

  • Criteria for Choosing Oil
When choosing oil, make sure to pay attention to the viscosity, quality and specifications of the oil. Make sure the oil you choose meets all the necessary requirements.


Correctly changing automatic motorbike oil is an important step in maintaining vehicle performance and longevity. With a good understanding of the factors that influence oil change intervals and following the manufacturer's recommendations, your automatic motorbike will always operate well and last a long time.

It is important to always pay attention to the signs that indicate that the oil needs to be changed and to undergo the replacement according to recommendations. Choosing the right oil and carrying out the correct oil change is the key to maintaining the performance of an automatic motorbike in the best condition.

Lastly, don't forget to record every oil change and carry out regular maintenance. In this way, the automatic motorbike will always operate in the best condition.

So that's the information from to answer the question of how many months to change automatic motorbike oil. Hopefully the information above is useful and can be used as a reference. Also check out other articles regarding the causes of short and heavy motorbike breathing and various other automotive articles.

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