How To Choose Good Car Spark Plugs, Know The Types First!

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The majority of car owners just buy spark plugs, as long as they are expensive or cheap they are definitely believed to be good. In fact, apparently determining good car spark plugs is not that easy.

Spark plugs are one of the slow moving components that must be replaced regularly. Usually spark plugs are replaced once a year or can also be done when the engine oil has been changed twice. If it is not replaced regularly, it is feared that engine performance will decrease due to the large amount of dirt.

Dirt on the spark plug can make combustion less than perfect. The effect is that crust will form on the inside of the engine, which in the long term is dangerous for the car.

As a good car owner, Carmudian needs to know how to choose good car spark plugs.

There are several types of spark plugs sold on the market ranging from standard, platinum and iridium spark plugs. All three have different functions and are not necessarily suitable for use in all types of cars.

Types of Car Spark Plugs

Standard Spark Plugs

The first spark plug is the standard spark plug recommended by the car manufacturer. These spark plugs are generally used for everyday purposes.

Standard spark plugs have a longer service life and can produce a more stable engine idling. It is highly recommended that standard cars use this type of spark plug.

Busi Iridium

Iridium spark plugs are categorized as cold type spark plugs. Iridium spark plugs are usually used for cars with high performance requirements so they are not suitable for use in daily cars.

Quoted from various sources, iridium spark plugs can make the engine stationary unstable if used in engines with low compression. If you force it to use it, it won't last long.

It must be admitted, iridium spark plugs can produce aggressive and high engine acceleration. However, you must remember that not all engines are suitable for using this type of spark plug.

Bus Platinum

Platinum spark plugs are also known as semi-racing spark plugs with electrode tips which are usually made quite sharp.

Functionally, platinum spark plugs are not much different from standard spark plugs, it's just that platinum's performance is better. This type of spark plug can produce more responsive power at lower revs, but its lifespan is much shorter than standard spark plugs.


Of the three types of spark plugs above, iridium and platinum spark plugs are considered to last longer than standard. One reason is the use of better materials.

However, as we explained above, iridium or platinum spark plugs are not necessarily compatible with standard engines. Generally, this type of spark plug is suitable for engines that have been modified or already have high compression from the factory.

In terms of price, iridium and platinum spark plugs are also slightly more expensive than standard.


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