Tips for Choosing Good and Comfortable Motorcycle Tires for Daily Use

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Changing motorcycle tires is not a difficult thing. But choosing the tire itself requires carefulness. There are several aspects to consider when choosing motorcycle tires. Here are tips for choosing motorcycle tires that are suitable for daily use.

Because it is intended for daily use, the following tips for choosing motorcycle tires will pay attention to safety and comfort. Here is the full explanation.

Choose a tire with a medium tread

Tires with a medium tread are suitable for daily use. Because of its medium size, the motor is more fuel efficient but also more stable and safe.

If you use a gambot tire that is three times the size of a standard tire, then there are consequences. Although it looks stronger, the motor will feel heavier because the motor does not support the use of tires that are three times larger than standard tires. In addition, fuel is also more wasteful because the machine will work harder.

Whereas if you use a tire with a sufficiently small tread, it is prone to slipping and even breaking in the middle of the road. Although small tires are more nimble and lighter for maneuvering, motorcycle owners should still pay attention to safety aspects.

Choose the right type of tire

Every tire manufacturer usually has two types of tires namely wet and dry. For tropical climates such as in Indonesia, it is recommended to use wet tires. Wet tires have a high grip when crossing the road in the rain, and still grip when driving on dry roads.

Adjust to rim size

Choosing tires should also consider the size of the motor rims. If you want to use rims or tires that are larger than the size of the manufacturer's standard tires and rims, then preferably no more than two inches. Because as mentioned above, tires that are too big from the manufacturer's standard will affect the comfort when using the motorcycle.

Tire motifs and carvings

The engraving motif on the tire is closely related to the performance of the tire when crossing various road characteristics, both wet and dry. For that, it's better to use tires with unidirectional carving motifs or profiles. One-way production tire engraving ie slanted or sideways with an angle of 45 degrees from front to back.

Tire reputation and brand

Every tire manufacturer is sure to call their product the best. In order not to be confused, you can first see reviews of tires you want to buy from other users via YouTube or blogs. If the tire product is also used in national and international racing events, then it can also be considered.


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