Women Must Know, This is the Ideal Oil Change Schedule for Vehicles

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Changing the oil is an important thing for vehicle owners. Oil changes must be done regularly and periodically so that engine performance is always optimal. Changing the oil is an activity that must be scheduled regularly so that the vehicle can function optimally. Oil change scheduling also needs to be adjusted to the type of vehicle used and the distance traveled.

So, for you great women, don't forget to change your oil, okay? Don't be surprised when you see your oil tank is dry. If it's like this, it could be serious.

When is the right time to change motor oil?

You must change the oil on your motorbike regularly to avoid damage to the engine. You can find out the right time to change the oil from the characteristics of the oil in your motorbike engine.

The following are the characteristics of motor oil that you need to change immediately:

1. The engine sound is rougher

The sound of the engine is the most important characteristic in determining when we need to change the oil. This rougher engine sound is caused by the quality of the oil which is no longer able to produce good lubricating power so that the transmission gear is disturbed. Poor lubricating power will make the engine sound rougher when the engine is on the gas or when the motorbike is in gear.

2. Engine overheating

Oil that has not been changed for too long will cause the heat conductivity of the oil to decrease. If the conductivity is reduced, the heat distribution in the engine becomes uneven. When you feel that your motorbike is getting too hot during use, you should immediately change the oil.

3. Engine oil volume decreases

Usually the volume of oil in a motorbike engine with a capacity of 150cc will be approximately 1 liter. However, if the volume appears to have decreased from the normal limit, change the oil immediately. A reduction in volume can occur depending on how intensely you use the motorbike.

4. The oil color changes to dark black

Motorcycle engine oil will easily change color if it is exposed to heat too often, which will cause scale to form on the engine. This happens because of the combustion process. If your motorbike oil looks like this, you should immediately change the oil to avoid a decrease in lubricating power. The oil that has just been changed will be dark brown or blue, then if the oil has not been changed for too long the color will turn black. If you don't change the oil immediately, the motorbike engine can wear out quickly because the oil no longer has maximum performance in the combustion process.

Changing the oil on the motorbike must be done routinely and regularly. This applies to motorbikes that are frequently used and those that are rarely used to avoid damage to the engine. Motorbikes that are rarely even used should not be left alone because oil that is left on the motorbike for too long can combine with the engine until it dries and becomes crusty. If this happens, the engine on the motorbike will no longer be able to work optimally.

How many miles do you change motor oil?

Changing the oil on a motorbike can be determined by the distance traveled by the motorbike. Usually, motorbikes that are frequently used have to change the oil after a distance of 2,500-3,000 km.

Changing motorbike oil needs to be done before passing a mileage of 3,000 km because usually motorbikes that have passed that mileage have not had their oil changed for 2 months. Then on automatic motorbikes  , usually the distance limit for changing the oil is every 2000 km.

Then for motorbikes that usually cover a distance of 200 km, you have to change the oil every 2 weeks. And for motorbikes with a distance of 20-50 km a day, the oil can be changed every 2 months. This is done so that the motorbike can be in better condition when used for daily activities.

Impact of changing the oil too late

Changing the oil too long can have fatal consequences for your vehicle. The following are some of the consequences that can occur if you don't change your oil regularly:

1. The engine gets hot .

Apart from being a lubricant, engine oil is also used as an engine coolant. Engine oil that is not changed for a long time will cause the engine  to overheat  and overheat. If left to continue, the engine will experience fatal damage and have an effect on all components in the engine, even worse is the engine down.

2. The sound and vibration of the machine become uncomfortable .

If the engine oil is not replaced immediately, its function as a lubricant will no longer function. This results in greater friction on the engine, making driving uncomfortable.

3. Waste of fuel .

Oil that is not changed continuously will make the engine work harder and require more power to work. The greater the power required, the greater the fuel required. So immediately change the oil regularly to avoid wasting fuel.

What if the vehicle is rarely used?

Oil changes still need to be done even if the vehicle is rarely used. Even if your vehicle is rarely used, you should not be lazy about always paying attention to motor oil and changing the oil regularly. For vehicles that are rarely used, oil changes can be done every 6 months according to the vehicle's shelf life.
Then, so that the engine doesn't get damaged, here are some things you need to do to maintain engine performance:

Warm up the vehicle every day

Store the vehicle in a place with normal temperature and do not store the vehicle in humid air
If the vehicle will be stored for a long time, you must drain your vehicle's gas tank
Therefore, it is better to change the oil and maintain the motorbike regularly according to the manufacturer's recommendations, rather than causing damage to the engine and having to take the engine down, which will cost much more, and make sure to use genuine Honda AHM Oil. Come on, great ladies, immediately get your oil changed at the nearest official Honda repair shop (AHASS) where AHM Oil Genuine will always be available which has number 1 quality for your favorite motorbike. 


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