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There are some of the strangest cars ever made. Usually, these strange cars are created to boost the popularity of a company. It is not uncommon for them to experiment with functional design, in order to produce a car that looks unique and eccentric.

1. Limo Jet 

A limo jet is a car that has a design like a private jet, but only doesn't have wings. Limo jets are equipped with engines that are quite powerful, namely, with the limo engine they can produce sounds similar to a private jet. Quoted from motortrend-com, Limo jet has luxurious facilities, namely being equipped with gold and diamond coating on several car ornaments. This car is 42 feet long, 8 feet wide and 11.6 feet high, so it can only be used on certain roads. 

2. General Motors Firebird 

Before limo jets existed, the General Motors Firebird was the first to have a shape like a jet plane. This car only has 2 cockpits with the control lever in the middle, so it becomes a barrier between the two. Until now, the General Motors Firebird is still being produced, in fact since the 50s this car has reached its fourth generation. But unfortunately the four generations cannot pave just anywhere.

3. Norman Timbs Special 

The Norman Timbs Special is a strange type of car that has a design similar to a snail. This car was designed by a designer from Los Angeles, namely Norma Timbs. Quoted from conceptcarz-com, this car is 47 inches high, from the floor to the top of the windshield and has a wheelbase of 117 inches and is almost 18 feet long. 

4. Peel P50 

Peel P50 is the smallest car in the world, this is proven by the Peel P50 breaking the record for smallest car in 2010. This car only has three wheels, a left-hand door and no reverse gear. The Peel P50 was specially designed by the Peel Engineering Company from 1962 to 1965 with a total of 50 units.

5. Sebring-Vanguard City Car 

Sebring-Vanguard City Car is a car produced from 1974 to 1977 by Sebring, a car company from Florida, United States. This car has a very unique design, which is similar to a triangle shape. This car is the first electric car ever made with a three-step contactor system, namely first 10 mph, 20 mph and 40 mph.

6. 8-wheeled sedan

This car doesn't look like a sedan in general, even though it can be used like a normal car, its shape looks strange. This car was made by a taxi boss from Bandung, Indonesia. Of the eight tires on this car, not all of them touch the asphalt. However, all the tires it has can run according to the driver's instructions. 

7. Volkswagen hover car 

The Volkswagen hover car is a future car concept that has the strangest shape compared to cars currently available. This car has a rounded shape and many people think that this car is very strange. The reason is that this car has no tires and Volkswagen only operates by flying. The concept of the Volkswagen hover car is currently considered the strangest car in the world, but this will happen in the future.


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