11 Most Advanced Fighter Jets in the World, Indonesia Has a Contribute!

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Erome - All countries in the world definitely want the strongest national defense system. 

One way to maintain national defense, they are flocking to buy the most sophisticated fighter jets .

Fighter jets are one of the best ways to protect the country's defense from the air. 

Apart from functioning to monitor the situation, this jet aircraft is capable of releasing deadly weapons at enemy aircraft.

The Most Advanced Fighter Jets in the World

The latest technology is one indicator for assessing the sophistication of a fighter jet.

The newer the technology used, the more effective the jet's role in its function. 

It is not surprising that many large countries such as Russia, China and the United States are competing to find the most sophisticated fighter jets for their Air Force and national defense needs.

Are you curious about the shape and features of the most sophisticated fighter jet that many big countries are targeting? Here's the complete list:

1. Saab JAS 39E Gripen

The Saab JAS 29E Gripen E version is one of the most sophisticated fighter jets that has only come out in the last few years.

One of the biggest updates to this fighter jet is the use of the latest engines, the most advanced AESA radar, and ten onboard weapons stations .

The avionics feature itself uses an artificial intelligence (AI) system and advanced sensor technology. Thanks to this improvement, the JAS 39E becomes a 4.5 generation jet level.

So far, only the air forces of Sweden and Brazil are using the latest version of the JAS 39.

Other countries are still evaluating the performance of this jet because its range is quite limited to domestic areas only.

2. Sukhoi Su-35S

The Russian Sukhoi Su-35 is one of the most advanced fighter jets with 4.5 generation capabilities.

This jet is included as the most sophisticated jet because it has the latest electronic systems produced directly by Russia.

One of its unique characteristics is the engine nozzle which can turn in various directions. 

Interestingly, the maneuvering function does not require the canards that were used on previous Su-30 and Su-35 variants.

3. Dassault Rafale

The Dassault Rafale has a similar appearance to the Typhoon jet. 

However, in the 1980s, France decided to make a fighter with a different program and needs.

Until now France is still developing the Dassault Rafale. One of the newest models is the F3 with advanced weapons systems and sensors.

4. Eurofighter Typhoon

The Eurofighter Typhoon was specifically designed to be a fighter jet . 

Interestingly, countries interested in buying this jet tend to come from the Middle East, such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The Typhoon jet is the 4th generation with more sophisticated and powerful systems and weapons. 

Even in its newest variant, Tranche 3 already uses the latest technology, from electronic systems to weapons.

5. Boeing F-15EX Eagle II

The next most advanced fighter jet is the fourth generation F-15. 

It is very old, but this jet is the only fighter jet in the world with a record of more than 100 air-to-air kills and minimal losses.

To make this aircraft more sophisticated, Boeing continues to develop its components with the most advanced technology .

One of the newest technology systems lies in the avionics, radar and weapons systems

6. Shenyang FC-31 Gyrfalcon

This Chinese -made jet aircraft has attracted the attention of air forces in various countries. 

Until now there is still no detailed information regarding the features and technology used by this jet aircraft. 

However, based on images spread on social media, this fighter jet's engine has received updates and many improvements in other parts.

7. Sukhoi Su-57

The Sukhoi Su-57 is the first fighter aircraft produced by Russia. 

Development of this aircraft tends to be slow as there are many issues and update delays that occur.

8. KAI KF-21 Boramae

The next most sophisticated fighter jet is the KF-21 made in South Korea . 

The first flight of this jet occurred in July 2022 and will be distributed to the military in 2026.

According to various sources, this jet has a stealth design and uses some of the most advanced technologies that are also used on the F-35.

9. Lockheed Martin F-2 Raptor

The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor is the first fifth generation fighter jet known as a stealth fighter.

This jet has advantages in close combat. 

But this jet is also quite good in long-range combat because the latest version is equipped with very strong sensors to detect opponents from a distance.

One of the countries that uses this jet is the United States Air Force (USAF) because they consider this jet to be very sophisticated and it would be a shame to hand it over to another country.

10. Chengdu J-20 Mighty Dragon

This Chinese-made fighter jet is designed to compete with the F-22 and Su-57. 

This jet does not have a thrust-vector engine exhaust, so it cannot maneuver like other jets in its class.

Detailed information about this aircraft is still kept secret because it is still in the development stage.

11. Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II

The last most sophisticated fighter jet was the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II which was produced in 2006,

This fighter jet is known to have stealth features, a very powerful engine and a very sophisticated radar sensor.

Even the pilots of the planes will wear special augmented reality helmets for an unprecedented level of situational awareness.

It could be said that this fighter aircraft truly has stealth capabilities thanks to the sensors and technology used.

Some sources also state that the jet is virtually invincible in beyond-visual-range combat.

The next scary fact is that the F-35 managed to set a record with a kill ratio of 20:1 in a test exercise. This means the F-35 jet managed to win 20 out of 21 battles.


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