Get to know The Beast, American President Joe Biden's car at the G20 Summit

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Erome - Some time ago, Indonesia hosted the Group of Twenty (G20) High Level Conference (KTT) in Bali. At the G20 presidential event, the car of the president of the United States, Joe Biden, stole the public's attention. The car nicknamed 'The Beast' has many advantages. Check out the complete explanation of the American president's car at the G20 Summit below!

The Beast is Claimed to be the Safest Vehicle

Please note, The Beast is not a car brand, but a call sign . Other names for the American president's car at the G20 Summit are Cadillac One, First Car and Stagecoach. Apart from that, The Beast car is also claimed to be the safest vehicle in the world. This car, which is priced at around IDR 21.9 billion, is said to be able to withstand bomb attacks and gunfire.

The car doors are even covered in 8 inches of steel and equipped with seals to withstand the threat of attacks from biological and chemical weapons. The car windows are equipped with polycarbonate, a bulletproof glass material that is five inches thick. However, only the driver's side window can be opened. Car tires are also reinforced with Kevlar textile fibers which can run on steel rims. Even more sophisticated, The Beast is equipped with a night vision camera that can clarify views in low light situations.

Car Equipped With Weapons Until Joe Biden's Blood

Apart from the president, The Beast, which consists of seven seats, is also occupied by two Secret Service agents. To tighten security, this limousine type car is also equipped with a gun and oxygen reserves in the trunk in case of a chemical attack. The front of the vehicle is also equipped with weapons to guard against threats of attack.

In case of emergency, The Beast also keeps a box containing the president's blood for blood transfusions. When a shootout occurs, this car also does not catch fire easily because it uses special fuel.

The Beast Transported by a Special Aircraft

Wherever US president Joe Biden goes, The Beast car faithfully accompanies him. When there are state assignments abroad, such as the G20 Summit in Bali, this car is transported by a special aircraft called the C-17 Globemaster.

The Beast is Piloted by the Secret Service

The driver of The Beast car is certainly not just anyone. They come from the Secret Service, an agency under the US Department of Homeland Security whose job is to protect US leaders.

Not only protecting the president, the Secret Service also protects the families of leaders or other heads of state who visit the US. At first glance, The Beast's drivers appear to be ordinary car drivers, even though they are trained to carry out several maneuvers and other safety procedures.

Meaning of Plate 800-002

Apart from the car stealing attention, the number plate is also not out of the spotlight. The Beast's license plate is 800-002. It is said that the number plate refers to the address of the US Presidential Palace, namely the White House in Washington DC.

The number 800-002 multiplied by two becomes 1600, which refers to the number 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC. Another fact is that the number 800-002 was used before Joe Biden's leadership. When Joe Biden was inaugurated as president, The Beast changed the number plate to 46, which means Joe Biden is the 46th US president. However, on other occasions the president returned to using the number plate 800-002.

These are a number of important facts about the American president's car at the Bali G20 Summit. This car, which was specially designed to protect the US president, cannot be used by just anyone.

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