There is no electric car oil, pay attention to these 4 fluid volumes!

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Erome - The absence of electric car oil does not mean that these electric vehicles do not need to change fluids. What are the types?

In electrified vehicles, electric car lubricant or oil is a liquid whose presence is not required. The reason is, this type of car does not use a conventional engine which needs lubrication to maintain performance and reduce heat.

However, there are 4 types of fluids other than electric car oil that owners need to pay attention to and replace regularly. What are the four types of fluids?

Getting to know electric car fluids

In the main component of electric car propulsion, the battery plays a major role. Its performance is assisted by a number of components that require fluid in the operating process.
These fluids are brake fluid, coolant , lubricant and washer fluid. Let's take a look at the explanation of each.

Electric car brake fluid

The braking system for an electric car requires the role of brake fluid as the main component which functions to provide hydraulic pressure to press the lining . Therefore, brake fluid needs to be monitored and added if the amount decreases.

Ideally, electric car fluid replacement is done every 2 years or a distance of 40 thousand kilometers. However, if before the distance is reached and the brake fluid decreases, immediately add it so that braking performance is not affected. 


The next electric car fluid is coolant or often called radiator coolant . A number of electric vehicles still use a radiator as part of the cooling system to maintain the temperature of the battery or electric motor.

In order not to overheat , the presence of radiator cooling fluid is very important. Generally, this fluid is added every 6 months or replaced every year or a distance of 20 thousand kilometers. 

Electric car oil replacement lubricant

The electric motor as the main driver of an electric car experiences friction and heat when working. Therefore, a special type of lubricating fluid is needed that helps the movement of the magnetic coil with rotation of tens of thousands of RPM.

You need to pay attention to this lubricating fluid when carrying out regular servicing at an official repair shop. If a leak occurs, it must be repaired and replaced immediately. Generally, this fluid is long life , meaning it has a long service life.

Normal replacement is carried out every 200 thousand kilometers or an electric car's usage period of 10 years. After this replacement, the fluid needs to be replaced regularly every 2 years or a distance of 40 thousand kilometers.

Wiper fluid

The last fluid other than electric car oil is wiper fluid or often called washer fluid . Like cars in general, electric vehicles also need washer fluid to clean the glass from dirt, dust and dew vapor when driving in the rainy season.

You can add wiper fluid which contains a higher pH composition so that it helps maintain the clarity of the car glass and the wiper rubber lasts longer.

Don't fill washer fluids by mixing plain water with soap or car shampoo, because this has the potential to damage the wiper rubber .

Electric car maintenance

Even though you don't need to change the oil in an electric car, that doesn't mean that electric vehicles are free from maintenance. As an owner, of course you have to keep the performance of this environmentally friendly vehicle in top condition. Here are the tips.

Recharge the battery on time
Don't often let the electric car battery charge below 40%. Recharge immediately so that your car battery lasts longer. Ideally, when the battery is half empty, immediately charge it.

Park in a shady area
The next electric car maintenance tip is to always park the vehicle under a roofed area such as a garage . Parking in a cool place will reduce the risk of direct sunlight.

The influence of solar heat will have an impact on the capacity and service life of the car battery. If you are forced to park your vehicle in an open area, you should protect it using a car cover .

Set the battery charging time
Ideally, charging an electric vehicle battery is not done every day. The right time is usually every 2 days. For this reason, you need to know the exact schedule for filling it in so that it doesn't interfere with your activities.

Electric cars are equipped with an operating system or software in them. Carrying out regular updates is important to this system to guard against the risk of system failure. If that happens it can disrupt the entire performance of the car.

Check components periodically
Regularly checking radiator water, washer fluid , lubricating fluid and brake fluid can ensure electric vehicles perform at their best.


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