Increasingly Sophisticated, Here Are the 7 Latest Car Engine Technologies

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Erome - The latest car engine technology continues to emerge, in the last few years we have become familiar with several automotive technologies. If you want to look back at the last few years, of course there are tons of developments in the latest automotive technology that have been implemented in today's sophisticated cars. 

Autonomous drive technology, for example. This is an innovation that allows a car to move itself without being driven. This capability is of course supported by a number of technologies, including car sensors embedded around the car.

So, what else is the latest car engine technology? To find out more about the latest engine technology, let's look at the following information!

Autonomous drive

As has been mentioned a little above, autonomous drive is one of today's advanced car technologies. With autonomous drive technology , cars can move themselves without being driven by humans. 

This is thanks to the support of sensors embedded in the car. These sensors play a role in regulating the movement of the car, when the car should stop, and so on. The system of this technology is certainly quite complex because it requires complicated algorithms. 

The algorithm itself plays a role in making the car know the direction it is going, the obstacles in front of it, how fast the car should go so as not to violate the speed limit, and knowing the location of busy roads.

One car brand that has applied autonomous drive technology is the Tesla Model S. 

Other car manufacturers that have implemented this technology are Mercedes-Benz with the Mercedes S-Class type, BMW with the BMW 7-Series type, Audi with the Audi A8 type, and Volvo with the Volvo S90 type.


As the name suggests, this latest car engine technology plays a role in preventing collisions. If a collision cannot be avoided, in this latest automotive technology there will be a system that within a few seconds will make passengers more protected. 

So that you can better understand the system of this technology, let's look at an example of Mercedes-Benz's latest engine technology called Pre-Safe.

Yes! This system will detect if a collision cannot be avoided based on speed calculations, steering angle and sensors around the car. 

Then the system will automatically tighten the seat belt, adjust the height of the headrest, and adjust the angle of the seat back in a very quick matter. If necessary, this system can also close the windows and sunroof .

Connected cars

Have you ever heard of connected cars ? Yes, this is the latest car engine technology that allows vehicles to communicate in two directions with technological systems outside the vehicle. This technology is closely related to internet connections.

General Motors Company (also known as GM), a multinational automotive company headquartered at the Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan, United States (US) released connected car technology via OnStar. 

This is a safety and security system embedded in the vehicle. Through this system, connected car technology uses cellphones to call 911 if an accident occurs. 

Currently, automotive technology has developed more sophisticated, such as being able to detect Global Positioning System (GPS) locations.


Hybrid is one of the most innovative automotive technologies. This technology combines two drive systems into one. 

So, the conventional car engine is combined with an electric motor to then unite to move the car. Conventional motorbikes can also be used to recharge electric motorbike batteries.

As a result, apart from drastically reducing fuel consumption and emissions, power can be increased because both have their own power output. 

Moreover, several modern cars with hybrid technology are now also available in plug-in form. This system allows the battery that drives the electric motor to be charged using household electricity. That way, conventional machines work less frequently.

The idea of ​​this car technology has actually been around since the early 20th century. However, cars with hybrid technology only became commercially successful towards the end of the 1990s. 

The Toyota Prius can be said to be the pioneer of modern cars with hybrid technology which was released in 2001.

Automatic safety braking system
The next newest car engine technology, namely the automatic safety braking system. This is a technology that can make cars drive more carefully. 

So the car's brakes will work automatically, when the driver drives a car with this technology at speeds below 30 kilometers per hour and the sensors detect pedestrians or other obstacles that the driver is unaware of. 

This technology has been embedded in several sophisticated cars today, such as the Mazda CX-5.

Electromagnetic parking sensor
This technology was discovered quite a long time ago, namely around 1992. However, electromagnetic parking sensor technology is still maintained today. 

This innovation allows electromagnetic sensors in cars to detect objects around the vehicle, both front, back and sides. 

In this way, the driver can avoid collisions with objects around him.

Self leveling suspension
Even though its presence is not very new, this car technology is a very useful innovation. 

Before self-leveling suspension technology existed , older cars would compress the suspension when loaded with goods or passengers in the back. 

The front of the car will also be lifted and wheel traction in this section will also be reduced. As a result, the car is less stable and could endanger passengers.

Well, the presence of self-leveling suspension technology allows the car's suspension to 'fight' and keep the car in an even posture when loaded. 

In this way, control and other things related to the driver can remain optimal.

That's a friend of the latest car engine technology which is increasingly sophisticated in today's cars. Does your friend's car use the above technology yet? But whatever the technology, you still have to drive well and correctly, my friend.


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