6 Most Successful MotoGP Racers from the United States, Champions

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Erome - Recently, racers from the United States have had difficulty reaching the top. Even this season, no racer from the United States has appeared in the highest class at the biggest motorbike racing event in the world.In fact, the United States has a good history in the MotoGP arena. They managed to collect a total of 15 MotoGP championship titles, which is the third most behind Italy and England.Of course, with this impressive record, the iron horse riders from Uncle Sam's country are quite taken into account. Here are the 6 most successful MotoGP racers from the United States.

1. Wayne Rainey

Wayne Wesley Rainey made his debut as a racer in the 250cc class with Yamaha in the 1984 season. In the final standings he was only able to occupy eighth place and achieved one podium. After that, he spent several seasons in the Superbike event.Returned to MotoGP in the 1988 season, this time in the 500cc class. Again riding a Yamaha, he managed to rank third. A season later, Rainey rose to runner-up position  behind his compatriot, Eddie Lawson.The 1990 to 1992 racing season was a successful year for him, winning three consecutive world titles.

2. Kenny Roberts Jr

Kenny Roberts Jr successfully followed his father, Kenny Roberts Sr, by becoming world champion in the 500cc class. Roberts Jr started his career exactly ten years after his father retired, namely in 1993 in the 250cc class. Three seasons in this class, his best performance was only eighth place.His debut in the 500cc class was not smooth, having defended Yamaha and Modenas he never once got on the podium. It was only after moving to Suzuki in the 1999 season that his abilities began to be seen.At the end of the season he was runner up to Alex Criville. In the following season, his achievements increased by winning the world title.

3. Nicky Hayden

The Kentucky Kid, that's Nicky Hayden's nickname. He was the last racer from the United States to win the world championship title, precisely in the 2006 racing season. At that time, he succeeded in beating Valentino Rossi, who had to settle for second place.The racer, who passed away in 2017, started his racing career in 2002 in the Superbike event. His talent was also noticed by the Honda team. At that time, Honda immediately plotted him as Valentino Rossi's duet partner.

In the first two seasons, he was quite successful, achieving a total of 4 podiums. In the 2005 season, Hayden successfully won the race for the first time at the Laguna Seca circuit. One season later, he successfully reached the highest point in his career, namely becoming MotoGP world champion.

4. Freddie Spencer

Freddy Spencer, nicknamed Fast Freddy , was one of the most dominant racers in the 1980s. He first competed in the 500cc class in 1980. After two seasons without satisfactory results, it was only in the third year that he began to show his class by sitting in third place in the drivers' standings.One season later, in 1983, he tasted his first world title in the 500cc class. In 1985, Spencer competed in two classes at once, namely 250cc and 500cc. Amazingly, he managed to become champion in two different classes.

5. Kenny Roberts

Before Marc Marquez, it turned out that the first debutant to win the world title was Kenny Roberts in the 1978 season. He also became the first world champion from the United States in the 500cc class. In the same year, he also raced in the 250cc class, but only finished fourth.Not only once, but he managed to become world champion three times in a row. In 1983, he almost became world champion for the fourth time, unfortunately he lost to Freddie Spencer by only two points. This season was also the last in his career.

6. Eddie Lawson

Eddie Lawson is the most successful racer from the United States. How could it not be, he managed to win four world titles. Racing in the 80s and early 90s, which was the golden era of racers from Uncle Sam's country. Lawson managed to show his fangs.He won three world titles in 1984, 1986 and 1988 with Yamaha. And once with Honda in 1989. Lawson also has a unique nickname, namely Steady Eddie, because he is so good at controlling his motorbike that he rarely falls.



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