Wuling's mainstay electric cars in Indonesia, starting from Air EV to Binguo

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Erome - The electric car segment is growing rapidly in Indonesia. Wuling, as one of the new automotive brands, continues to produce many of the latest models. After successfully releasing the Air ev in 2022, this Chinese brand then added to its model line with Binguo at the end of last year. 

These two models are available as battery-based electric cars which are quite economical for the public. The reason is, both Air ev and Binguo are sold at prices below IDR 500 million. Benchmark figures that are considered cheap for an electric car.

Both the Air ev and Binguo are conceptually electric cars for urban accommodation. This can be seen from its fairly small posture and battery cruising range of under 500 km. 

What are the details of each type in Wuling Binguo and Air ev? Check out the explanation below.

Wuling Air ev Electric Car, Three Types Available

Wuling Air ev comes in three variants, namely Air ev Lite, Standard Range and Long Range. The cheapest is of course the Air ev Lite at a price of IDR 206 million. The following is a price list for the Wuling Air ev electric car in each variant:

Air ev Lite IDR 206 million

Air ev Standard Range IDR 243 million

Air ev Long Range IDR 299.5 million.

Wuling Air EV Lite

Wuling Air ev Lite actually still uses the basic specifications of the Standard Range variant. The specifications for the electric motorbike and battery strength are similar to the more expensive variants.

Air ev Lite still relies on a Lithium Ferro-Phosphate battery with a capacity of 17.3 kWh, which is capable of driving up to 200 kilometers when fully charged. As a driving force, there is a single electric motor placed at the back which produces 30 kW (40.7 PS) of power.

Air ev Lite is characterized by single tone color accents. Then the main lighting system and rear lights on this car still use halogen bulbs. With a price of more than IDR 200 million, this Wuling electric car is only equipped with mirrors that can be adjusted manually and tin rims covered with hubcaps.

In this variant, several features have been trimmed. The parts that are omitted from the Wuling Air ev Lite are features not related to safety and performance.

For example, there is only one airbag for the driver, there is no head unit on the dashboard and there is only an instrument cluster for the driver. The Wuling Air ev Lite also does not have the voice comment (voice command) feature or parking camera available.

The cheapest variant of the Air EV is still equipped with TPMS, ISOFIX and a sound module for pedestrian warning. This car is equipped with an immobilizer, alarm, and also uses disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear.

Wuling Air ev Standard Range

Standard is a long chrome plate that connects to the rearview mirror, with halogen headlamps and clear mica. Then the stop lamp also uses a halogen bulb with red and clear accents. 

The multimedia features are also still simple, where the instrument panel shape in the Standard type is smaller and there is no floating model monitor screen. Then the Standard and Long Range center consoles are also equipped with electric window operation buttons, Electric Parking Brake and Auto-Vehicle Holding.

There is a Rotary Gear Selector as a transmission operator with a futuristic rotary knob. However, this Vatian still uses a conventional pull-style parking brake lever.

As a middle type, the Air ev Standard range only uses fabric for the seats. Then to start the engine you still have to turn the keyhole. The Air EV Standard Range is not equipped with stability control and hill start assist.

The specifications for the Wuling Air ev Standard Range have a battery capacity of 18 kWh and a claimed distance of up to 200 km. The power remains the same, namely 30 kW/40 hp and torque of 110 Nm with a single fear reduction transmission to the rear wheels.

Wuling Air ev Long Range

As the top variant, of course the Wuling Air ev Long Range has the most complete features. The headlamp uses a box style LED projector with a smoked cover. The top variant of the Wuling Air EV is also equipped with a horizontal model LED DRL with plasma-shaped light eyes, with a thin blue list on top and a camera.

Appearing like a future car, the Wuling logo on the electric power port hole cover can light up. Then on the back side, the stop lamp uses LEDs, all with a red cover, stacked vertically.  

Wuling presents a touch of sophistication through a 10.25 inch floating wide screen head unit. The head unit supports Wuling Indonesian Command (WIND), which can run features using Indonesian voice commands.

This variant also has Internet of Vehicle (IoV) technology. With this feature, users can open and lock the car which can be controlled remotely via a smartphone connected to the internet network. This feature helps direct navigation to the car head unit. 

IoV can also help find out the position of the location where the car is parked via the vehicle positioning feature if one day you forget to park it. 

Wuling Air ev Long Range is supported by a Lithium Ferro-Phosphate battery with a capacity of 26.7 kWh/115 V with a range of up to 300 km, as well as an electric motor with a capacity of 30 kW to drive the rear wheels.

Wuling Binguo, Newcomer Electric Car

The name Binguo is derived from two words in Mandarin, namely, bin which means 'many' and guo which means 'result'. However, the pronunciation of Binguo is taken from the English word, 'bingo', which is an expression of satisfaction with the success achieved.

Wuling BinguoEV is offered with two mileage variants, namely 333 km for the Long Range up to 410 km for the Premium Range variant. Here are the prices:

Wuling Binguo Long Range IDR 358 million

Wuling Binguo Premium Range IDR 408 million

In terms of features, these two variants are identical. Binguo EV appears with an iconic design, combining timeless classic retro aesthetics and a modern touch. The rims still use tin rims covered with hubcaps with a floral design. 

Wuling Binguo EV is available in two variants, namely Long Range and Premium Range. The Binguo EV Long Range can cover a distance of 333 km. The Long Range variant is equipped with a Lithium Ferro-Phosphate battery; IP67 Rating with a capacity of 31.9 kWh with an electric motor with an output of 50 kW and a Single Reduction Gear transmission.

Then the Binguo EV Premium Range can cover a distance of 410 km. Premium Range variant supported by Lithium Ferro-Phosphate battery; IP67 Rating with a capacity of 37.9 kWh with a 50 kW electric motor and Single Reduction Gear transmission.

On the dashboard, there is a Multifunction Steering Wheel which is equipped with audio operation buttons and menu settings. Traveling is even more enjoyable thanks to the 10.25” head unit which has an integrated entertainment system and 4 speakers.

The driver can adjust the sitting position more easily through the Electric Seat Adjustment feature. On the Wuling Binguo center console there is a Rotary Gear Selector as a means of shifting the transmission with a rotary knob. Apart from that, it is also equipped with an Electric Parking Brake and Auto-Vehicle Holding button


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