5 Best Bulletproof Cars in the World, Used by Barack Obama to Jokowi

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There are times when officials need extra protection in their cars. Manufacturers then competed to make bulletproof cars with complete features which made their prices skyrocket.

Summarized by Okezone, here is a list of the five best bulletproof cars in the world:

1. Cadillac Limousine Obama The Beast

This car was first produced in 2009 for the fleet of United States Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump. This car is based on Cadillac manufacturing using the GMC Topkick platform.

The Cadillac has 13cm thick bulletproof glass, has run-flat tires and a completely sealed interior to protect passengers in the event of a chemical attack. This 2009 model of the presidential car also has night vision optics, a tear gas cannon, an onboard oxygen tank, an armored fuel tank filled with foam to prevent explosions, and a pump-action shotgun and has eight-inch (20 cm) thick doors.

2. Mercedes Benz S600 guard

This car is a German-assembled modern and premium car segment. However, don't be mistaken by its luxurious appearance, apparently this car has a very tough and strong body. It's even coated with bulletproof material.

The manufacturer created this unit for heads of state such as President Ri Joko Widodo who uses it as a vehicle to support presidential activities. This unit has received ERV 2010 which is defined as an explosion-proof vehicle. As for the engine sector, this powerful luxury sedan is equipped with a V12 engine with a capacity of 6,000cc. This large power can produce 530 hp of power with 830nm of torque.

3. Dartz Kombat T98

Jajaran SUV ternyaman dan memiliki tingkat keamanan yang superior. Bayangkan saja, bila mobil ini dilengkapi dengan kaca anti peluru setebal 3 inch. Mobil rakitan Russia dijual mulai dari Rp2 milliar.

4. Chevrolet Suburban

Mobil rakitan Amerika Serikat ini juga sempat menawarkan mobil anti peluru terbaik. Unit big MPV itu memiliki model yang sangat modern dan elegant dengan tingkat keamanan yang maksimal. Unit big MPV ini tahan terhadap tembakan peluru dengan ketebalan 39mm baik kaca maupun seluruh body.

5. Aurus Senat

Unit sedan mewah ini merupakan armada kepresidenan Russia. Umumnya kerap digunakan Vladimir Puttin sebagai kendaraan dinas kepresidenan. Mobil berjenis limoushine tersebut merupakan merk yang dipegang oleh NAMI. Selain dapat menangkal peluru, unit ini juga tahan terhadap bom dan ranjau darat.


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