5 Most Famous Motorcycle Brands in the World

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The motorbike market is not only growing rapidly in Indonesia, but also in almost all countries, from India, the United States, and even to countries in Africa.

One of the reasons why motorbikes are so popular is their practicality. Compared to four wheels, motorbikes are flexible and agile. Understandably, the dimensions are smaller.

So, here are the five most famous motorbikes in the world, as quoted from Lifepal. 

1. Harley Davidson

Who doesn't know Harley Davidson? This motorbike brand from the United States is known to almost everyone in the world. Because the Harley Davidson brand is not only attached to motorbikes, but also on t-shirts, hats and bags.

Harley Davidson is no longer just a big motorbike, but has become part of a lifestyle. It is not surprising that the Harley Davidson brand is included in the list of the most recognized motorbike brands in the world.

Anyway, Harley Davidson was founded in 1903 by four people, namely William S. Harley, Arthur Davidson, Walter Davidson, and William A. Davidson.

2. Yamaha

The Yamaha brand must be familiar, right? Yup, the Yamaha manufacturer has indeed made its name in the world. Their motorbikes are known to be tough and stubborn, so they can compete with motorbikes made by European manufacturers.

Another advantage of Yamaha motorbikes is that they are relatively cheaper compared to European motorbikes. Cheap but tough, who wouldn't drool to try it? 

Yamaha itself was founded by Genichi Kawakami on July 1 1955. Yamaha's first motorbike was the YA-1 which was introduced in 1955. Five years later Yamaha began to be known in the world.

3. Honda

The third most recognized motorbike brand in the world is Honda. Like Yamaha, Honda also comes from Japan. Honda motorbikes are also known to be cheap and tough. Apart from that, Honda is also diligent in producing motorbikes so that consumers are free to choose the type of motorbike that suits their needs and character.

Honda was founded by Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa on September 24 1948. This Japanese manufacturer began introducing its first products in 1949.

4. Dukes

Ducati is a brand from Italy. Like Italian brands, Ducati is also steeped in art. Just look at the design of the curves of their sports motorbikes which are really cool. It's not surprising that many bikers fall in love with this brand.

Moreover, Ducati motorbikes always have abundant power and features. So there is a certain pride when driving it. Oh yes, Ducati was originally built by Antonio Cavalieri Ducati with his three sons, namely Adriano, Marcello and Bruno.

The results of this collaboration made Ducati one of the best and most famous motorbike manufacturers in the world.

5. Kawasaki

It is not wrong that Kawasaki is one of the most recognized motorbike brands in the world. Because this manufacturer, which is synonymous with the color green, always produces motorbikes with quality above the average of its rivals.

Apart from that, Kawasaki also dares to create new motorbike markets, such as the classic and trail motorbike markets that they opened in Indonesia. This innovation and keen eye for opportunities have made Kasawasaki one of the most recognized motorbike brands in the world.

Kawsaki itself was first founded on October 15 1896 in Japan. After struggling for a long time, Kawasaki was finally able to open a branch in Chicago, United States, in 1966. Now Kawasaki's name is popular in the automotive world.


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