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The way an electric motorbike works is certainly different from a motorbike that uses fuel oil. An electric motor is a device that can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy which allows it to move on the road. 

In general, electric motors are grouped into DC motors, induction motors and synchronous motors. All three have similar working principles, but how an electric motor works is determined based on the magnitude of the magnetic field interaction. 

The way an electric motor works is simply by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, so that it can run like a motorbike that uses fuel. However, there are still many drivers who don't really understand how electric motorbikes work. 

If you plan to have an electric two-wheeled vehicle, you need to first understand how the electric motorbike below works. Also pay attention to tips for caring for it so that it lasts and lasts a long time.

How Electric Motors Work

As mentioned previously, the way electric motors work is differentiated based on their type. Here's how DC electric motors, induction electric motors and synchronous electric motors work that you need to understand.

How a DC Electric Motor Works

The way a DC electric motor works relies on two parts of the unit, namely the stator and rotor. The stator is a unit consisting of a field coil and a frame that cannot rotate, while the rotor is a unit consisting of an armature coil that can rotate.

DC electric motors in principle rely on electromagnets. The way this type of electric motor works is by sending electric current through the coil to the north magnetic surface. After receiving an electric current, the magnet will move from the north to the south pole.

The south magnetic coil will then move to face the north pole. When the two poles face each other, a strong attractive force will arise which makes the coil stop moving.

How an Induction Electric Motor Works

Induction type electric motors utilize Lorentz force which will cause current to flow in the stator and rotor with electromagnetic force. The way an induction electric motor works is unique, because the machine does not operate at synchronous (asynchronous) speed.

This type of electric motor consists of two types, namely single phase induction and three phase with different functions. Single phase induction motors have a smaller size, while three phase induction motors are larger, making them widely used for industrial needs. Three phase treatment is also more economical than one phase .

Just like DC electric motors, induction motors are also equipped with two main parts consisting of a stator and a rotor. The stator is the part of the coil that does not move and carries overlapping windings, while the rotor carries the main winding. 

The advantage of how an induction electric motor works lies in its simple construction with constant rotation. Induction motors use an electromagnetic phenomenon, where an electromotive force is induced and traverses its electrical conductor when the magnetic field rotates. 

However, the way an induction electric motor works requires a starting current of around 5-6 times the motor's nominal current. The way the machine operates also does not operate at a synchronous speed. 

How a Synchronous Electric Motor Works

Slightly different from the other two types of motors, the way this electric motor works does not depend on industrial currents to operate. The way a synchronous electric motor works is based on a fixed speed with a certain frequency.

In simple terms, the way this type of electric motor works is influenced by the interaction between the stator and rotor magnetic fields. The rotor on a synchronous electric motor is a permanent magnet that is synchronized with a rotating magnetic field. As a result, the resulting rotation will appear synchronous according to the specified current frequency.

Tips for Maintaining an Electric Motorcycle

Apart from knowing how an electric motorbike works, you also need to know tips for maintaining it so that it is always in top condition. Here are some electric motorbike maintenance tips that you can follow:

  • Remove the battery when the motorbike is not in use

Removing the battery when the electric motorbike has not been used for a long period of time will help keep it in top condition. However, you should charge the battery fully before removing it.

Even though you rarely use an electric motorbike, the battery still needs to be recharged at least every 2-3 days to maintain its performance. Recharging the battery with an indicator below 20% will affect its performance.

  • Avoid washing the motorbike with pressurized water

When washing an electric motorbike, you should avoid using high pressure water under the motorbike body. Even though the way an electric motor works has been made in such a way as to keep out water, you need to know that there is an air grille at the bottom of the motor which can become a gap for water to infiltrate the motor's electrical system.

  • Check the condition of the braking system

The braking system has a vital role in vehicles because it concerns driving safety. This does not only apply to electric motorbikes, but all types of motorbikes.

Don't forget to always check the front and rear wheel brake linings every 2 to 3 months regularly. If the brake linings are used up and the braking doesn't feel good, you can replace the brake linings to minimize the risk of an accident.

  • Avoid driving during floods

Not forcing yourself to drive during a flood will help maintain its performance. Even though electric motorbikes are designed to be waterproof, try to avoid puddles of water that are higher than the charging socket.

Even though the motorbike can still pass through low puddles of water, if the puddle of water feels like it could enter the motorbike, immediately look for an alternative route. This is done to prevent water from entering the motorbike and not damage important engine components. 

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