ABS Brake Components in Cars: Functions, How They Work, and Tips for Maintaining Them

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The brake system is one of the important components in a car which functions to stop or slow down the vehicle's speed. One type of brake system that is currently widely used in cars is the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). 

This system has several components that are interrelated and play an important role in maintaining vehicle stability when braking. So, in this article, we will explain the components of the ABS brake system and their functions. One of the Hyundai cars that uses this system is the Hyundai Stargazer . 

Understanding the ABS Brake System

ABS brakes are a braking system designed to maintain safety by preventing the vehicle from locking the wheels when the driver brakes suddenly. 

This system uses the latest technology to increase driver safety. When there is a sudden stop or speed, ABS brake technology will be able to avoid locking the wheels. 

This is very important when driving in rainy conditions or slippery roads. ABS is also very useful in situations that require the driver to brake suddenly, such as a person suddenly crossing or a car in front suddenly stopping. Because of the importance of this function, many new vehicles apply ABS braking technology to their vehicles.

ABS brakes were previously only used on airplanes, but now they are widely applied to four-wheeled vehicles such as cars and motorbikes. 

ABS Brake Components and Their Functions

To understand how the ABS brake system works on a car, it is important to know its components. The following is a list of components contained in ABS brakes.

  1. Master Cylinder : A component whose function is to receive pressure from the brake pedal and send it to the brake system.
  2. Wheel Speed ​​Sensor : Component that functions to measure vehicle wheel speed and send a signal to the control unit.
  3. Modulator Valve : A component that functions to control the pressure received by the vehicle wheels and prevent wheel locking.
  4. Control Unit: Component that functions to receive signals from the wheel speed  sensor and control the modulator valve according to needs.
  5. Pipeline: Component that functions to connect the master cylinder to the vehicle wheels.
  6. Relay Valve : Component that functions to open or close the air pressure path that flows to the modulator  valve.

How ABS Brakes Work

The way ABS brakes work is by controlling the pressure on each wheel when braking. When the wheels start to lock, the system will release and repeat the pressure automatically so that the wheels can remain in good contact with the road.

ABS brakes also work by monitoring sensors installed on each wheel. This sensor will send a signal to the ABS control unit to evaluate wheel speed and make pressure changes at the right time.

Next, the third valve will block the pressure. Valve one will create pressure in the brake fluid again and transmit it to the vehicle's brakes if the wheel speed sensor is detected. This process usually runs quickly, namely one second to carry out 15 processes.

Tips for Maintaining ABS Brakes

Maintenance of the ABS brake system and components is relatively simple and quite easy. The following are treatments that can be done.

  1. Always make sure the car's ABS brake system is always in good condition. This can be done by regularly checking the condition of the tires, brakes and other braking systems.
  2. Cleaning is also very important for ABS brake system components. It is best to clean these components regularly, especially parts that are susceptible to dust or dirt.
  3. Check the ABS brake system components periodically. This can be done by checking the condition of these components, such as sensors, control modules, etc.
  4. Don't forget to always pay attention to the condition of the brake fluid and other braking fluids. Make sure the brake fluid and other braking fluids are always in good condition and at the right level.
  5. Do not repair or install ABS brake system components yourself. This can damage these components and cause damage to the car's ABS brake system. It is best to entrust the repair or installation of these components to a professional mechanic.

These are several things about the ABS brake system components in cars and their functions. To keep the ABS brake system on your vehicle functioning optimally, proper maintenance is required. If you want to ensure that your vehicle remains well protected, you can get it from an insurance product made specifically for vehicles.

The ABS ( Anti-Lock Brake System ) brake system in the Hyundai STARGAZER is very useful as a driving safety component. That way, the driver will feel comfortable and safe when driving, even in wet and slippery road conditions.


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