History and Uniqueness of the First Motorcycle in the World

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Around 1996, motorbikes were a very special thing. Motorbikes at that time became a desire and not a need. Currently, motorbikes have become a necessity for many people as a means of transportation that helps people's mobility. People who used to be used to walking are now lazy about walking and prefer to travel by motorbike. Imagine, you cover a distance of tens of meters by walking, it will definitely be very tiring. So, this article will discuss more abouthistoryand the uniqueness of the first motorbike in the world. It is hoped that the following information can add insight to you.

Looking at the history of the first motorbike that ever existed in the world

Quoted from the book Encyclopedia of World Transportation written by Nuri Mentari Dini (2011: 96) , the first motorbike in the world was an iron bicycle with pedals (velocipede) made by Pierre Michaux which was fitted with a single-tube steam engine made by Louis-Guillaume Perreaux. Therefore, bicyclesmotorcyclewhich was made in France in 1867, it was then called ' The Michaux-Perreaux Steam Velocipede ' and received a patent on March 16, 1969.
The uniqueness of this motorbike is that it weighs around 88 kg with a power of 1-2 horsepower. This motorbike can travel at 14 km/hour. Apart from France, Sylvester H Roper from the United States also created the first motorbike using a steam engine. The motorbike frame created by Roper is a bicycle frame with pedals ( velocipede ). However, it uses a two-tube steam engine installed on the right and left sides of the frame. In 1884, Roper built another version of the 'Roper Steam Velocipede' which used a single tube steam engine. This bicycle has the equivalent of 3 horsepower and can travel at speeds of up to 64 km/hour.

Motorbikes are currently a means of transportation that is needed by many people. That is the history and uniqueness of the first motorbike inworldwhich is interesting to read. Hopefully the information above is useful! (CHL)


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