Awesome! Best Selling Motorbike in Indonesia

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1. Honda Supercub (1966)

As the first motorbike to achieve great popularity in Indonesia, the Honda Supercub was introduced in 1966. This motorbike is known for its unique, simple design and fuel economy, making it a favorite among Indonesian people who prioritize efficiency.

2. Yamaha Vega R (2003)

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Yamaha Vega R became one of the best-selling motorbikes in Indonesia. With its sporty design and reliable performance, this motorbike attracts the attention of speed and style lovers. The Vega R became a symbol of the popular compact sports motorbike of its time.

3. Honda Revo (2005)

Honda Revo is one of the motorbikes that had great success in the scooter category in the 2000s. With a simple design, affordable price and high reliability, Revo is the main choice of Indonesian people who are looking for a comfortable and efficient everyday vehicle.

4. Yamaha Mio (2007)

Yamaha Mio is an important milestone in the world of scooters in Indonesia. With its stylish design and technological innovation, Mio is changing people's view of scooters. Modern features such as electric starter and ergonomic design make it a popular choice.

5. Honda Beat (2010)

In the early 2010s, the Honda Beat hit the scooter market with a younger style and advanced features such as the idling stop feature. This motorbike attracts the attention of young people who want style and technology in one package.

6. Yamaha NMAX (2015)

Yamaha NMAX is a representative of premium scooters with an elegant design and superior performance. With advanced features such as ABS and a powerful engine, NMAX has succeeded in attracting the attention of motorbike lovers with higher tastes.

7. Honda PCX (2018)

The Honda PCX represents the premium class scooter that has dominated the market in recent years. With a luxurious design, high-level features and powerful engine performance, PCX is a favorite among those who want comfort and style in driving.

As technology and trends in the automotive industry develop, the list of best-selling motorbikes in Indonesia continues to change from time to time. However, what remains in common is that these motorbikes are able to meet the needs and preferences of the Indonesian people, from efficiency to style, from simple to sophisticated. (J61)


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