How Oil Works in Your Car Engine

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Oil has a very important role for the engine because oil can lubricate the components in the engine so that they do not rub against each other so that the engine will remain clean and avoid overheating. But how does oil actually work in your car's engine so that it can make the engine last longer?

The oil is in the oil pan when the car is cold. After the car engine is started, the oil will enter the oil pump after passing through the oil stainer to avoid dirt being carried into the pump. The oil will be pumped and distributed to all engine components to lubricate them so they do not rub against each other.

Increasing the engine speed in your car will also affect the oil pressure, but the oil pressure regulator will hold the pressure and the oil will be returned to the oil pan by opening the relieve valve . The oil will also pass through the oil filter so that the oil becomes cleaner before entering the oil cooler .

After passing through the oil cooler , the cooled oil will enter the main gallery of the cylinder block and will lubricate other components such as the piston pin, rocker arm and camshaft . After all important components in the engine are completely lubricated, the oil will return to the oil pan .

The way engine oil works in your car will repeat itself over and over again, so it is very important to maintain the quality of your car's engine oil so that all components can be well lubricated and avoid damage. Don't forget to always check the oil and change it every six months or according to usage.


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