8 Weirdest Cars Ever Made in the World, Number 4 Makes You Cry

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The strangest car ever made, cars are a type of vehicle that is very popular in various parts of the world. Cars in their operation have a fairly time-consuming process, both from digesting the design or planning.

In the automotive world , it turns out there are several dark and unique sides that are rarely highlighted by the media. Initially cars were seen as vehicles only, as long as the engine used was still functioning properly and could take the driver to their destination. In the modern era, the exterior design of cars has become important and is highly considered in the automotive world. This important demand regarding design makes innovations in the shape of the car. Cars don't always have an elegant appearance nowadays, in fact there are strange cars that have been made.

VIVA Otomotif provides the 5 strangest cars ever made in the world, through a summary made from references from various sources, Monday 25 April 2022 as follows;

1. Peel P50

The Peel 50 is a car that broke the world record in 2010, making it the smallest car ever mass-produced. This car was designed by the Peel Engineering Company and produced from 1962 to 1965. As the name suggests, the Peel 50 was only produced in 50 units.

2. Missile Car

The appearance of a missile car turns out that the speed of this car is not as fast as its name. Ron Heitman has launched a car with the appearance of a missile with the intention of satisfying his passion for creating cars. This missile car can be filled with 10 adults or the equivalent of 15 children.

3. Car Obesity

The strange car this time comes from Austria, Erwin Wurm as the main designer of this mole created a strange car using a Porche Body whose exterior was changed. The obesity-like shape is associated with the bulging shape of the outer design which uses Polyurathane Foam. This strange car was apparently created to increase public awareness or awareness of obesity or excessive obesity. This car has been exhibited in the Art Galerie Xavier museum in Belgium since 2005.

4. Pig Car

One of the interesting things, we already know from the name, is a car shaped like a pig. Furthermore, it turns out that this car is a Mercedes-Benz -Class car which is covered in pink with a grille in the shape of a pig's nose and there are also two ears on the right and left sides of the car. Through the Greenpeace organization, they have succeeded in bringing this strange car around Europe to speak out for animal rights.

5. Car Telephone

Starting from getting an order from a telephone factory, namely the Farel Communication Satellite, a Volkswagen Beetle was transformed into a car that resembles the shape of a telephone by Howard Davis. People in America see this car like a working telephone. More interestingly, the horn sound is also changed to a ringing telephone ringtone.

This car was formed from the body frame of a three-wheeled motorbike made by Harley Davidson which was transformed into a car with a high-heeled design. The car's steering wheel is designed to resemble a three-car model and the cabin is equipped with just one seat. Apparently this car was inspired by women's high-heeled shoes that the maker had seen.

7. Honda Fuya-Jo

The Japanese automotive company, Honda, once released a product called Fuya-Jo. Looking at the design, this car model looks very boxy and strange. Honda also claims that the car it produces is a party car.

8. Tang Hua Detroit Fish


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