For Efficiency, BMW Involves AI Technology in Car Production at United States Factory

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 The modern car manufacturing industry has been using robotic technology for a long time. The aim of using this technology is to reduce heavy processes that involve human labor.

Even more advanced, currently vehicle factories are starting to involve Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) technology. The goal is more or less the same, namely a process that prioritizes efficiency values.

This seems to be starting to be done by the German car brand, BMW . BMW has revealed that artificial 

intelligence has enabled it to cut costs at its sprawling factory in Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States (US).

The German automaker has upgraded its plants over the past few years to include some AI functions . In the body shop, robots are tasked with welding 300 to 400 metal studs to the frame of every SUV that rolls down the production line and now, these studs are inspected and inspected by AI to ensure they are positioned correctly.

Speaking with CNBC, BMW Group Manager Curtis Tingle said that if the AI ​​detects a misplaced stud, the system will automatically notify the robot to fix it. The system allowed BMW to remove six workers from the line and deploy them to other jobs.

It is said that, by involving AI technology , this tool has helped companies save more than USD 1 million or around IDR 15 billion more per year. "It's a completely closed circle," Tingle explains.

Furthermore, according to him, AI has worked very effectively and reduced human intervention. "( AI ) takes human thinking, human manual intervention, right out of the equation. We're achieving five times what we thought was possible before, with what AI is achieving now," Tingle added.

BMW has also introduced AI to improve its inspection process. The company's IT Project Lead, Camille Roberts, said that 26 cameras on the production line floor take photos of vehicles as they move through the production line.

The AI ​​then analyzes the photos and determines whether there are any problems that need to be fixed by human workers. Additionally, workers on site wear factory scanning devices that take measurements and images of every inch of the factory.

These images are then used to create a digital twin of the factory where BMW can test any changes it wants to make in cyberspace. This is to increase production efficiency before actually implementing changes in the real world.


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