This is what the cheapest car in the world looks like!

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If you imagine expensive and luxurious cars. Have you ever imagined the appearance of the cheapest car in the world? Or what brand of car actually holds the title of cheapest in the world?

10 years ago, India, through the New Delhi Auto Expo, introduced the Tata, which is now claimed to be the cheapest car in the world. The Tata Nano is really cheap, because it is only priced at IDR 33.5 million. The Tata Motors company, which is the largest car company in India, calls the Tata Nano car a people's car that can be reached by families who cannot afford a vehicle. Unfortunately, we as Indonesian citizens cannot enjoy driving this car because the Tata Nano is not sold in Indonesia.

Tata Nano was officially sold in 2009 in India. If you look at the model, this car, which is 3 meters long and 1.5 meters wide, is truly unique. This car is apparently made of plastic covered with metal and has a two-cylinder rear engine with a capacity of 624 cc and 32 horsepower. If estimated, the Tata Nano can travel a distance of 104 kilometers per hour.

When it was first launched, this car immediately had orders of up to 203,000 orders. Unfortunately, Tata Motors can only produce 100,000 cars. So to get this car, Tata Motors decided using a lottery method.

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