Reasons Why Car Windshields Are Designed to Be Curved

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Car windows  are designed to be curved and uneven. It is not without reason that car windows are made in such a way, apparently there is a reason, namely to adjust to the direction of the wind.
Stefan Heuer, Vice President of Mobility Asia Pacific TÜV Rheinland, explained that car glass has low resistance to wind when the car is driving on the road.

Car windows are designed to be curved to minimize wind gusts or are called aerodynamic
"Cars have low resistance to wind. Trucks have perpendicular windows because they are not meant to go fast," he said at the launch of the TUV Rheinland Glass Lab in Tangerang, Banten, Thursday (23/11).

TUV Rheinland is an automotive component standardization testing company. The company also has a household electrical device safety laboratory and a vehicle rim and tire laboratory.

He gave the example of the glass on the Toyota Innova car, which was deliberately designed to be curved so that it could travel at high speed. This is different from the glass design on SUVs and trucks.

During its development, the car window design was made sharper. However, over time and a lot of research it was found that the best design resembles a water drop whose shape bulges at the front, then tapers at the back.

Even though the windshield is curved, there are no specific regulations regarding the size of the angle in making the glass. The important point that must be considered is that the windshield design does not reduce the aesthetics of the vehicle. However, if the glass is designed to be too curved, it will affect the wiper's operation .

Heuer further explained that car windows are designed with two layers of glass, in the middle of which there is a special filament or fiber so that if it breaks, it minimizes glass shards.

"There is a film between the car windows to make it very strong. You can also see that when we drop a stone on the car window, the splinters won't fly so the splinters remain with the cracked glass," he said.

Apart from that, he explained that the glass on the front of the car is designed to be thicker than the other parts, because it provides a sense of security to the driver. The windshield is designed to be stronger to withstand objects coming from the front.


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