This is the reason why many cars in Saudi Arabia are thrown away even if they are only slightly dented

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Saudi Arabia apparently has unique things related to the automotive world . Surprisingly, many residents there own luxury cars , including those from the lower classes or the poor.

Not only that, in Saudi Arabia many cars are even thrown away. Although it only has a few dents. Apparently there is a reason why this happened in Saudi Arabia.

Are you curious about the reason why many cars in Saudi Arabia are thrown away even if they are slightly dented? Launching from Alman Mulyana's YouTube account, Thursday (17/12/2020), see the following information review.

Located at KIR's place

Before arriving at KIR's place, Alman first went to the workshop. First, this Arab TKI went to replace the front window of the car because it was cracked by a rock. Then, he moved to another repair shop to change the car tire.

"Thank God, I'm already at KIR's place, that's in the industrial area. Hopefully I'll pass at once," said Alman.

KIR process in Saudi Arabia

KIR's location is in an industrial area in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Before starting the KIR process, customers are required to pay for registration first. After queuing, the car was directed to the KIR inspection place.

"I'm having my car checked, I hope it passes. So this is what the KIR process is like in Saudi Arabia," he said.

KIR is Very Strict

Apparently the KIR process in Saudi Arabia is very complicated and strict. Checking cars that carry out KIR is very thorough. If something fails, then the car must be repaired first.

"Hello guys, it turns out you're really observant. After checking all the conditions of the car, the problem is that one of my car's shock absorbers has leaked, the seal has leaked. Now I want to go to the repair shop again to buy a new shock absorber," he continued

Reasons Many Cars Are Thrown Away

Not only one or two workshops were visited. Sometimes people can visit the repair shop several times to check the condition of their car. This is because getting KIR in Saudi Arabia is very difficult. Because of this, many people choose to throw away their car even if it has a slight dent.

"Well, this is the reason why many cars that are still fit for use in Saudi Arabia are thrown away. Yes, this is the reason. So when KIR is really difficult," he explained.


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