RECOMMENDATIONS for the Best Oil for All Types of Automatic Motorcycles, Following are the Advantages Artikel ini telah tayang di dengan judul RECOMMENDATIONS for the Best Oil for All Types of Automatic Motorcycles, Following are the Advantages,

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1. Shell Advance Matic AX7 Scooter

One of the best types of automatic motor oil that you can use for your motor vehicle is Shell Advance Matic AX7 Scooter.

This product has been given API and JASO MB certification and is specifically designed for automatic motorbikes. Apart from that, oil is also considered to reduce the noise from your automatic motorbike.

2. Top 1 Action Matic

Having API and JASO MB certification, Top 1 Action Matic  is also one of the best oils you can choose for automatic motorbikes.

With smooth riding additive technology which has a high synthetic content, this oil can provide a comfortable and quiet driving sensation.

3. Federal Matic 30 Ecomaxx

Specifically, the Federal Matic 30 Ecomaxx is designed for Honda automatic motorbikes 125 CC to 150 CC with less than 5 years of vehicle use.

The advantage of this API and JASO MB certified oil is that it is equipped with active moly which can protect the engine from friction and save fuel.

4. AHM Oil SPX 2

You can also use AHM Oil SPX 2 if you have a Honda automatic motorbike because it has been specifically designed for this vehicle.

API and JASO MB certified, this type of oil has a super protection expert that guarantees the strength of your automatic motorbike's engine performance.


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