Understanding the Function and How Car Valves Work

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A car works by burning fuel as the main energy source. To be able to carry out this combustion process there are many components that work, one of which is the car valve. This component functions to regulate the components of the fuel and air mixture in the cylinder.

What is a Car Valve?

A car valve is a component that acts as a regulator of the flow of incoming and outgoing air as exhaust gas in the fuel area. Without control of this valve, the quality of vehicle fuel combustion will not occur.

Even if this component, also known as a valve , is damaged or bent, it will affect the combination of air and fuel in the combustion chamber. This problem will result in damage to various other components.

Types of car valves can be differentiated based on the valve mechanism. The valve mechanism is the way the valve opens and closes, with the following types:

1. Over Head Valve

The over head valve type is a type of valve that is relatively simple. Even though it is simple, its high reliability is optimal. This makes the camshaft placement more optimal because it is assisted by several components:

Rocker arm

Push rod

Valve filter

2. Over Double Head Camshaft

This type of car valve has two camshafts in the cylinder head. The first cylinder head functions to move the intake valve. While the second is responsible for moving the exhaust valve.

This simultaneous opening and closing mechanism does not require a rocker arm. If you use this type of car valve, there are several benefits you can get, including:

There will be fewer moving parts

If the car is driving at high speed, its performance is relatively good. This is because the valves work more precisely

However, if you decide to use this type of valve, the disadvantages must also be considered. These are some of the weaknesses of the over double head camshaft type. 

Has a more complicated construction

In terms of price, it is relatively expensive because of the high production costs

3. Over Head Camshaft

The camshaft is a part of the cylinder head. The way it works is to directly move the rocker arm without going through the push rod and lifter. This makes it simpler from a performance perspective.

The only weakness of this type of valve is its complexity compared to the first type. There are several advantages, including:

The valves work stably opening and closing. This makes it able to be used to drive at high speeds

Even though it is more complicated, the weight of the moving parts will be reduced

Car valves can also be differentiated based on type. There are intake and exhaust valves . The intake valve is useful for controlling the air and fuel mixture. This air and fuel will enter the fuel chamber. Meanwhile, the exhaust is a type of valve that acts as a regulator of exhaust gas and combustion residue. This combustion residue moves as it exits the engine.

The two types of valves are distinguished by their diameter. For the intake type of car valve , the diameter is larger, while the exhaust has a small diameter.

Function of Car Valve in Car Engine

Car valves have two main functions, namely:

1. Door that separates the combustion chamber and outside air


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The car valve is useful as a separator between the combustion chamber and outside air. This separator is necessary because there is a process of entering material from the intake into the combustion chamber. This applies to 4 stroke type engines.

You can find an example of a car valve function like this in the modern Wuling Alvez SUV which has an engine capacity of 1,500cc. This car with a DVVT, DOHC inline -4 cylinder engine type has capable engine performance thanks to a 105 horsepower motor .

Meanwhile, for the 2-stroke type, the combustion first fills the crankshaft before entering the combustion chamber. This mechanism means there is no need for a valve, because it only uses the piston wall.

In a 4 stroke type engine, the cylinder walls are tight so there is no intake channel. As a result, its main function in a 4-stroke engine is as a door separating the air and combustion chamber.

2. Entry and Exit of Material and Waste Gas

Apart from that, the car valve is also responsible for entering burning material. Combustion material is a mixture of fuel and air. This material is already available in the intake manifold. 

Not only does it insert combustion material, the valve is also tasked with removing the remaining gas. The remaining combustion gases are removed from the combustion chamber into the exhaust manifold. For this function, a 4 stroke engine must have at least 2 valves.

The in valve is useful for inserting burning material. Meanwhile, the exhaust valve releases the remaining exhaust gas into the exhaust manifold. 

How Car Valves Work

The car valve works starting from the piston making an suction stroke. When this step is started, the intake valve will open. This opening causes the air and fuel mixture to flow into the combustion chamber.

The valve will then close when the piston compresses. Automatic combustion will occur after that the exhaust will open. The purpose of this open exhaust is so that residual combustion gases can be wasted through the exhaust.

Car Valve Maintenance

Considering its important function and how it works, valve maintenance must be carried out. You can make adjustments according to standards. You can find out the standard valve gap settings in the vehicle manual.

From the vehicle manual, you can find out how to adjust the car valve correctly. If the gap is loose, the resulting car sound will be louder. However, gaps that are too tight are also not very good. This will cause the car to feel swaying when idling .

In conclusion, the valve is a component that is closely related to the vehicle's combustion system. Therefore, extra attention needs to be paid, especially if the vehicle feels heavy. Diligently servicing your car regularly can prevent car valve damage from getting worse.


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