6 Reasons The Toyota Supra MK4 Is Sought After By Many

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erome - The Toyota Supra MK4, which is built on the A80 chassis code, is arguably the most sought after Toyota Supra . For automotive lovers, the fourth generation Toyota Supra is considered to have many advantages.

One of the most prominent advantages of this car is its very powerful engine. The standard engine of the Toyota Supra MK4 can produce hundreds of horsepower.

Even if modified, the standard Supra MK4 engine power can reach thousands of horsepower. For speed lovers, this machine is still considered a god machine and the best machine. But apart from the engine, what is the reason many people are hunting for this sports car? Why is this car still driving people crazy to this day, huh?

Toyota Supra MK4 Engine Beast

When it was first introduced by Toyota , the fourth generation Supra was available in two engine choices; 2JZ-GE non turbo and 2JZ-GTE turbo.

The engine with the code 2JZ itself is a machine that was first introduced in 1990. Actually, the first car to use this 2JZ engine was the 1991 Toyota Aristo.
This engine has 6 cylinders with a capacity of 2,997 cc. This machine can produce power up to 220 hp with torque of 298 Nm.

On paper, the specifications of this 2JZ engine are very fast for a car in the 1990s. However, the 2JZ-GTE has specifications that are much wilder than the 2JZ-GE version.

The 2JZ-GTE was first used by Toyota Aristo in 1991. In terms of capacity, the 2JZ-GTE engine is the same as the GE. The difference is, the GTE version has DOHC, turbo intercooler, twin turbo, and uses an aluminum block, and was produced until 2002
n 1997, both GE and GTE received updates using VVT-i. The power that the 2JZ-GTE can achieve reaches 276 hp with 434 Nm of torque.

The export version of the machine is more powerful than the Japanese version

What's more interesting is that the Supra MK4 engine power is different for several countries. For example, the North American market has 320 hp, while the European market has 325 hp.
This means that power for the export market is made more powerful because of the different components.

One of them is the use of a different turbo cartridge (CT). Supra MK4 for the Japanese market uses CT with code 20, while the export version uses CT12B.
Toyota claims the CT12B is more durable and much stronger than the CT20. It's not wrong that the Toyota Supra A80 is being sought after by many people because its engine is really wild.

Perfect Form

If you look at it with the naked eye, this generation of Toyota Supra can be said to have the most perfect shape because almost everyone can accept its design.
Even though the previous generation still looked messy. So, in this generation the body has been made to have smooth curves which make it more aerodynamic.

The really interesting design on the MK4 is the rear lights which consist of 8 lights (4 on the right and 4 on the left). These lights make the Supra look fierce, sporty and iconic.
Moreover, at the front, each headlight consists of 3 parts. So that in total the number of lights reaches 6 dots.

Toyota Supra MK4 Cabin Like an Airplane

For those of you who have seen the dashboard of the Toyota Supra MK4, you would agree that the design resembles an airplane that is made to point towards the driver.
The AC hole is made like a propeller and the buttons are made round. The instrument cluster also looks like a sports car with fast performance.

Lighter than Supra MK3

In terms of weight, the Supra A80 is lighter than the previous generation. In fact, the weight difference is 91 kg lighter than the Supra A70.

This is caused by the use of light materials. Such as the aluminum hood, steering wheel, front crossmember, oil pan and gearbox.

In total, the Toyota Supra MK4 with manual transmission weighs 1,456 kg, the targa version 1,474 kg, and the automatic transmission 1,481 kg.
Then for the turbo engine version the weight reaches 1,565 kg for the manual transmission, the automatic transmission version weighs 5 kg heavier, reaching 1,570 kg.

Used in the Fast n Furious Movie

For automotive lovers, it's no surprise that this legendary car is in the Fast n Furious film. This Toyota Supra MK4 car was used by the late main actor, Paul Walker.
In the first Fast n Furious film, the Toyota Supra wears orange.

His work in this film made the Toyota Supra's name even higher, so it's no surprise that used prices have skyrocketed. 
But still, the Toyota Supra MK4 is still sought after by collectors.
In Indonesia, the price of the fourth generation Toyota Supra is "very dark", aka who sells it like that. If I may predict, this car is estimated to have a price of IDR 2-3 billion.

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