9 New Suzuki Swift Cars Prices Starting From IDR 100 Million

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The price of a new Suzuki Swift car is still being sought by consumers. Although unfortunately in 2023 this hatchback car will no longer be sold in Indonesia. 

Suzuki has long stopped selling the Toyota Yaris competitor , which was then replaced by the Baleno hatchback. However, for consumers who just want to know the new price of the Suzuki Swift, they can look at other countries' markets.

About Suzuki Swift

Hatchback cars were trendy in the 2000s.
Apart from the Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz, consumers in that era were also presented with the Suzuki Swift, whose design was more European-style.
According to records, the Suzuki Swift was first sold in Indonesia in 2005.
At that time the manufacturer sold it Completely Built Up (CBU) in two variants, namely GT and GL.
Two years later or in 2017, this car was assembled locally and equipped with a 1,500 cc engine.

In this phase, Swift is available in two variant options consisting of ST and GT2 which appear sporty equipped with the Swift Sport body kit.

So, the next generation Swift appeared in 2012 taking advantage of the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) which was available in two engine choices, 1,400 cc and 1,600 cc.
The soft legs and timeless body design make this car still the target of many people.

New Variants and Prices of Suzuki Swift Cars

Please note that the Suzuki Swift itself is a global product from Suzuki Motor Corporation.
So sales are not only limited to Indonesia, but also other countries.
Even though it has been retired in Indonesia, sales of this hatchback car still continue overseas.
For example, India is a strong production and sales base for Suzuki.

Based on observations on the Maruti Suzuki website in early October 2023, the Suzuki Swift is still filling the brand's line-up to date.
The Suzuki Swift in India is equipped with a 1,200 cc engine and is also available in CNG option.
Then the transmission options include 5-speed manual and AGS.
Meanwhile, the luxury variants include LXI, VXI, ZXI, and ZXI+.

In total, the Suzuki Swift in India is available in nine variants. 
More detailed information regarding the price can be seen in the following table which is the ex-showroom price tag for the city of Delhi.

Specifications and Features of the New Suzuki Swift Car

After seeing the detailed price of the new Suzuki Swift car, now let's look at the specifications and features.
The engine used by the Suzuki Swift in India still comes from the K series which is also equipped with Dual VVT.
This engine has a capacity of 1,197 cc, four cylinders which in the petrol version can produce a top power of 89.7 hp and a peak torque of 113 Nm.
Meanwhile, the CNG version has a lower output, namely peak power of 77.4 hp and maximum torque of 98.5 Nm.

The ZXI+ variant, the most expensive option, has the most complete features, for example LED projector headlamps and LED daytime running lights.
Then only this variant has cruise control and auto headlamp features.
Meanwhile, the most obvious characteristic of this highest variant is that it has a dual tone exterior finish.

Latest Variant Using Hybrid Engine for Sale in 2024

In the near future the global public will witness the presence of the latest generation Suzuki Swift.
In fact, the manufacturer has shown off its concept version at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show (JMS).
Even though it still has concept status, its appearance is very similar to a mass production car.
Even the Japanese Suzuki website has written that this car is coming soon. 

In general, its appearance still has a common thread with the previous Suzuki Swift, which was compact and had smooth curves on the body.
However, specifically at the front, you can see revisions to the headlamps which have been made more modern with bolder LED accents.
The shape of the grille seems to be smaller, but the edges are emphasized.

Meanwhile, the hood cut line is made more visible and connects the shoulder line on the side of the vehicle.
According to the Japanese Suzuki website, the latest Suzuki Swift model uses a Z12E engine which has a capacity of 1,200 cc, three cylinders.
For transmission, it uses a CVT model.
Like current new Suzuki cars, the latest Suzuki Swift also uses a mild hybrid system.
The system relies on the ISG which produces electrical power during deceleration and then stores it in the battery.
When accelerating, the electric power is used to help the car accelerate.
The existence of this system is expected to help the Suzuki Swift achieve the best fuel consumption.

Conclusion on the price of the new Suzuki Swift car

This is a review of the price of a new Suzuki Swift car which is actually already retired for sale in Indonesia.

However, just to find out the new price, you can currently look at the units marketed in several countries, such as India.
In this country, the Suzuki Swift is still marketed in many variants that use a 1,200 cc engine.

Is the Suzuki Swift still in production?

Abroad, the Suzuki Swift will continue production until 2023, as is the case in India.
In fact, recently Suzuki also introduced the Suzuki Swift Concept in Japan which will most likely go on sale in 2024..

However, the Suzuki Swift has long stopped being sold in Indonesia and there are no signs of being marketed again.

How much does the 2023 Suzuki Swift cost?

The 2023 Suzuki Swift is sold starting at 599,400 rupees or around Rp. 112.3 million in India. Meanwhile, the highest variant is priced at 889,000 rupees or Rp. 166.6 million.

What kind of car is the Suzuki Swift?

The Suzuki Swift is a car with a hatchback body type which is a competitor to other models, such as the Toyota Yaris or Honda Jazz, which coincidentally have also stopped being sold in Indonesia.


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