It is important to service your motorbike regularly, here are the benefits!

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Currently, almost every family in Indonesia has a private vehicle in the form of a motorbike, but sometimes they are often careless in servicing the motorbike. In fact, motorbikes that are often used need to be paid attention to. Don't just use it for traveling.

Some people think that taking their motorbike for regular servicing is quite a hassle. Moreover, if you have to pay for service and oil changes.

However, Moladiners need to know that regular servicing has enormous benefits for motorbikes. Moladiners will be able to feel directly the difference when riding a motorbike that is regularly serviced and a motorbike that is rarely serviced.

Benefits of Routine Motorcycle Service

There are 5 main benefits that Moladiners can experience if they get into the habit of taking their motorbike for routine servicing to the nearest repair shop. The five benefits are:

1. Maintain vehicle performance

Keep your motorbike in good condition with regular servicing

When carrying out routine servicing, the mechanic will thoroughly check the condition of the motorbike. In automotive terms, service is called a tune up, which is carried out with the aim of maintaining the vehicle's performance in top condition. Moreover, motorbikes that are used every day will experience changes which can then be readjusted through a tune up.


Engine maintenance during a motorbike tune up is carried out to ensure that the engine can operate normally. Inspections are carried out on several parts of the motorbike, including the carburetor or throttle body, transmission/CVT, oil pump, valves, clutch, spark plugs, air ducts, or checking and changing the oil, etc.


Furthermore, Moladiners' favorite motorbike will also undergo inspection and maintenance on the chassis. At this stage, there are several components that will be checked and re-adjusted, including the steering, wheels, suspension, brake settings, master cylinder, clutch clearance, and so on.


A factor that should never be overlooked when carrying out a motorbike tune-up is checking the electrical parts. By checking and resetting the electrical system, the motorbike can be driven safely while on the road. The parts that are checked and reset include the horn, lights and battery.

By checking the condition of the motorbike, Moladiners can not only maintain the performance of the vehicle's engine. At the same time, moladiners can also ride motorbikes comfortably and safely while on the road.

2. Save operational costs

The next benefit of the habit of carrying out regular servicing is as a means of saving operational costs. When carrying out routine servicing, Moladiners can find out the overall condition of the motorbike. Furthermore, Moladiners can replace components that are worn or damaged.

Moladiners must replace components with original spare parts. The price is more expensive, but it lasts longer. It is very important to replace this component immediately. The aim is to avoid more serious damage which of course will cost Moladiners a lot of money.

3. As a means of consultation

Moladiners can also take advantage of the moment of servicing to obtain consultation from mechanics. Moladiners can find out various important information and tips for maintaining motorbike performance. What's more interesting is that Moladiners can get this consultation for free.

So that moladiners can get motorbike consultations that are truly useful, make it a habit to have them serviced at a regular repair shop. That way, Moladiners can get to know mechanics personally. Don't forget, Moladiners also need to maintain their behavior and not disturb the mechanic's work when consulting.

4. The motorbike will last longer

Motorbikes last longer when they are looked after

The age of motorbike use is also greatly influenced by Moladiners' habits in maintaining the motorbike. Motorbikes that undergo regular maintenance can be used much longer than motorbikes that are not maintained. It is possible that the motorbike's performance will remain excellent even though it has been used for many years.

In Indonesia, there are no regulations that specifically limit the age of use of motorbikes. The motorbike manufacturer itself guarantees that the motorbike can be used comfortably for 5 years. If maintenance is carried out properly, Moladiners can use the motorbike until the manufacturer no longer releases new spare parts.

5. High motorbike resale value

Routine motorbike servicing also has a big impact on the resale price of the vehicle. Moladiners can imagine, can a motorbike with an uncomfortable engine condition, frequent breakdowns, and an unsightly appearance, be sold at a high price? Compare this with a motorbike that has a well-maintained engine, looks shiny, and never breaks down. The difference in price between the two motorbikes can even be very large.
Those are the 5 benefits that moladiners can get if they get into the habit of servicing their motorbikes regularly. So , don't miss it, OK

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