Tesla Cybertruck Officially Sent to Consumers, There is a Variant Equivalent to the Ferrari Hypercar

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After a long wait, the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup is ready to be delivered to consumers who have placed orders.

Launching the AP News page on Wednesday (01/12) it was stated that the company owned by Elon Musk had held a unit handover ceremony on November 30 2023 in Austin, Texas.

This event is eagerly awaited because it is not only the official moment for the first delivery of the Tesla Cybertruck, but also an opportunity for buyers to find out details regarding the vehicle they ordered.

The interesting and previously secret thing is that Tesla has never provided details about the features embedded in the Tesla Cybertruck.

The Tesla Cybertruck unit handover ceremony was also broadcast via the X platform owned by Elon Musk. The aim is to provide an opportunity for Tesla fans around the world to witness this historic moment.

The Tesla Cybertruck offers a number of features that are claimed to be different compared to other pickups. Elon Musk revealed that the Tesla Cybertruck is not only tougher, but also has faster performance than a sports car.

In fact, in comparison with current sports cars, the Tesla Cybertruck is claimed to have better torque than the McLaren P1.

Another advantage of this electric pickup is its high level of safety. Tesla claims the Cybertruck is proven to be immune to bullets from various types of weapons such as Glock, Tommy Gun, and MP5-SD.

The results of ballistic testing on the Tesla Cybertruck showed that the bullets were unable to penetrate the body or glass of the car, thus offering the maximum level of protection that other pickups had ever displayed before.

Cyberbeast Most Expensive Variant, Equivalent in Power to a Ferrari Hypercar

A new variant called the Tesla Cyberbeast was also announced as the flagship variant and also the most expensive model of the Cybertruck.

Even though it is not planned to be delivered to consumers until 2024, the Tesla Cyberbeast is promised to have complete capabilities. 

The Tesla Cyberbeast is projected to have more powerful power, including fast acceleration to reach maximum speed from 0-100 km/h in just 2.6 seconds with power allegedly reaching 845 hp. Or 45 hp more than the Cybertruck which only has 800 hp.

When compared with a sportscar or hypercar, the Tesla Cybertruck's power will be equivalent to one of Ferrari's hypercars, namely the 499P Modificata. This land monster with a 3,000cc twin-turbo V6 engine supported by an electric motor is capable of producing a combined output of up to 706 hp. What's great is that you can maximize the Push to Pass feature until the power reaches 845 hp

Not only that, the Tesla Cybertruck also offers price variations that can be adjusted to consumer needs. With three variants, namely RWD, AWD and Cyberbeast, the price of the Tesla Cybertruck starts from USD 60,990 or IDR 940.2 million for RWD, USD 79,990 or IDR 1.2 billion for AWD, up to USD 99,990 or IDR 1.5 billion for the highest variant, Cyberbeast.

In the drag race video shown by Elon Musk , the Tesla Cybertruck managed to beat the Porsche 911 sports car. This success is concrete proof that the Tesla Cybertruck not only offers safety and technological superiority, but also impressive performance.

Not only is it the choice of ordinary consumers, the Tesla Cybertruck is also being sought after by several famous celebrities. During the delivery procession on November 30 2023, the name of American tennis player, Serena Williams, emerged as one of the lucky consumers who received a share of orders for the Tesla Cybertruck.


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